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Honoring the Fae Folk & the Summer Solstice.


As much as the Summer Solstice is a festive celebration in my life, it is also a time in which my land is energetically charged.

A few years back in 2012 my husband and I held a property blessing & naming ceremony @ our Solstice party.  We named the land ‘Solstice Meadow’ for it truly shines on the Summer Solstice.  During the ceremony we invited our guest to tie ribbons on our Cloutie tree (prayer tree) and asked for their blessings upon the property.  Our property, or the property which we steward is deeply connected to the Fae (Fairy) Folk.  I have called them to this property, and welcomed them every time the land around us was cut down or developed.  Clear communication has been necessary as they can be mischievous for sure.  But their blessing to the land and the deep spiritual vibration they bring has been worth it.


Leaving offerings for the Fae (Fairy) Folk-

When choosing to leave an offering for the Fairys please remember the energy you put into it is as important, if not more then what you leave.  A bit of Mead (honey wine), cordials, or honey water, flowers and candle light…don’t forget the blessings and thanks.  *Please note when leaving offerings, it is the essence or energy of the item that is offered, not the item itself.  You will find the physical food/flowers/etc.  still there the next day although often looking a bit worse for wear.   Choose a location outside that is beautiful and part of nature.  If you have an outdoor alter or sacred space place it there.  When seeking a relationship with the Fae Folk it is wise to remember you are seeking a relationship.  Relationships are best when each partner is seen as an equal.  Approach with respect & love in your heart and require the same in return.  Relationships with the Fae Folk and Divas of your property are beneficial to all beings living there.

A Solstice blessing to all of you….

May you spread joy and abundance wherever you walk.  May the Spirit of Nature be forever honored in your daily life & May you find Love and Merriment throughout the year.

spreading Solstice Joy & Love-salicrow

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