Clients are seen
Online & On the Land
Tuesdays from 10 to 5 ET 
Fridays from 11 to 5 ET 
October - May

On the Land
May through October

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing Consultation- 

40 min/$150 - For new clients of Salicrow or existing clients who would like a longer consultation

20 min/$75 - For existing clients who have worked with Salicrow and want to begin healing appointments

All clients must schedule a consultation for first time healing, that includes a Psychic Reading focused on health (mental/physical/spiritual)

20 minute - $75

40 minute - $150



In order to begin healing work with Salicrow, the client must have completed the intuitive healing consultation. Once the need for healing is established the client will need to make 3 Reiki appointments back to back (preferably one week apart). The cost of the first appointment is $222 the following two appointments are $111 apiece 

1st appointment

1 hour - $222

2nd & 3rd appointments 

1 hour - $111 each


Healing in the Fairy Wood

Salicrow's Intuitive Healing is a combination of Reiki, Sacred Sound, Rune Galdr, and Elemental Magic woven together into a deeply transformative healing experience. Healing sessions are performed throughout the Fairy Wood. Longer sessions involve journey work/ guided meditation and realignments on sacred locations throughout the woods. For the fullest experience 2 hours is suggested.

1 hour - $222

1.5 hours - $333

2 hours - $444