Sacred Travel

Salicrow has a deep relationship with the Earth, one that goes beyond a love of nature to that of sacred commitment.  In 2011, Salicrow was ceremonially wed to the planet at Stone Henge.  The ritual marked her graduation and the completion of 3 years of Druid Training with Ivan McBeth of the Green Mountain Druid Order.  It also solidified her commitment to serve the planet in whatever way she was called.

The art of sacred travel was the greatest teaching Salicrow received from Ivan.  He introduced her to the true concept of pilgrimage, of stepping out the role of tourist and into the role of priestess engaging in the sacred, of allowing herself to truly experience the land on which she walked.  He expressed the importance of respect when engaging in relations with the spirit of place/Genius Loci, for Druids believe that all things carry the spark of life...that places such as homes, lakes, forest, parks, and lands all retain energies that are unique, they possess a spirit, and communication can be had with such beings.


As a Spirit Speaker, Salicrow found it easy to connect and receive communication from the spirits of the land, it was much like speaking to the dead. Her Druidic pilgrimage was life-changing for her, altering the way she interacts with the landscape.  She soon began dreaming of places and knowing she had to go there, on request of the Genius Locus/spirit of place and by the ancient Gods and Goddess' of the land.  Often she is called to places of power, in which earth energy is strong.  These places are powerful and visiting them alters her awareness, and expands her consciousness.  The gift she gives in return is that of Healer and Geomancer; she sets up crystal grids, performs ceremonies and sings to the earth.


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