Spirit Sessions

Clients are seen:
Tuesdays (in-person & remote)
from 10 to 5 ET
Fridays (Remotely)
from 11 to 7 ET

Individual Spirit

*Private sessions are held at Salicrow’s studio in Lyndonville, VT or on Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video.

 Private sessions with Salicrow are deeply personal.  It is a time for you to communicate with your Beloved Dead in an intimate setting.   For many, the need to reach out to the Spirits of our loved ones who have passed is so deep and personal that we do not wish to share the time and messages with others.   Take comfort in the knowledge that this time spent with your Beloved Dead is held sacred.

1-Hour Session


Group Seance

Maximum guest-3

Sessions last up to 1 hour

*Please note pricing is for Seances hosted at Salicrow’s Studio in Lyndonville or via Zoom. 

The word Seance means to sit in reverence, it is the act of coming together in a small group to communicate with ones Beloved Dead.  It is an intimate, small group gathering in which participants gather to receive communication from their loved ones in Spirit with the aid of a Medium.  Messages are delivered to all present in a gentle yet concise manner.

For 1-3 people 


Spirit Gallery/

Family Gallery

Gallery style communication is intended for larger groups.  The Medium directed by the Spirits present  determines who will receives messages.  Due to the size of the group messages cannot be delivered to all guest.  However the messages passed are so specific that it is often a moving experience regardless of whether a personal message was received.  This is also the perfect gathering for families in which many of the guest will be looking for the same Beloved Dead.

Public Spirit Galleries last 1-hour (Salicrow will stay for an hour afterward and answer questions and meet guests, so she will be there for 2 hours total) and prices start at $1000

Family Galleries are not available at this time.

Starting at


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