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Clients Seen

10 am to 2 pm EST (Zoom, or in person)
5 pm to 9 pm EST (Z
oom only)

11 am to 7 pm EST (Zoom, or in person)



" Salicrow truly has a heart of gold…She is the real deal with her gifts! And so freaking authentic & honest while balancing deep compassion and divine truths. In the many times I scheduled a 40 minute reading—I felt confusion, uncertainty, overwhelm in the future of our world and where my place was in it all. And everytime, I would end our call with immense peace, joy, insight, courage, strength, and immense clarity for my next steps as I remember my soul purpose through her guidance. Highly, highly recommend all her services! "

Monica Mooncraft August 2021

" I've met with SaliCrow twice and both readings were spot on. Her readings were intuitive, compassionate and informative. The information she gave me was helpful not only on a personal level but also as a guide on my life's path. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. "

Lisa Steadman December 2020


If you would like to use a gift card to pay for your appointment, please look at the calendar under the service you would like to book and email with the date/time and whether the appointment will be in person or via Zoom. There is currently no way to pre-pay with gift cards. You will need to give the 16-digit number to Salicrow when you login for your appointment. 

If you have emailed for an appointment and have not heard back from V in 24 hours, check your SPAM folder.



" I met Sali through an invite to a reading at a friend's house. Not knowing what to expect, I was there without expectations, but had been dealing with the death of a loved one. She gave me clarity on the situation and I truly felt like a weight had been lifted after the reading. I then scheduled a gathering at my house and the results were amazing. My Aunt, myself and the others present all had meaningful visits with loved ones that had passed, and were so accurate and brought much healing. It was such a wonderful experience, and I look forward to another session with Sali in the future. "

Christine Martin November 2020

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