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See what people are saying about Salicrow, Psychic Medium and the services she provides. 

Amani Zein

Every reading has been amazing. She has answered my questions even before I asked them. Highly recommend her readings books and courses!

Leah L.

My reading with Salicrow was unlike any other reading I’ve had before. She really zeroed in on my energy right away and provided advice that was really spot on. Even if it wasn’t what I really wanted to hear, her advice was resonating. I know that this advice will undoubtedly help me in the coming months and beyond. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

Merry M

What a delight it was to enjoy a sessoin with Sali Crow, connecting with my dearly departed and gaining new levels of connection with them through Sali.

Thank you, Sali! I'm forever grateful.
Merry M.

Gogo Griot

I was drawn to Salicrow from her participation in a summit. She is insightful and knowing. Her Soul-Purpose session answered a lot of questions for me. And her explanation of me as a consciousness traveling through time makes sense and gives me clear direction. She is friendly and open but fully professional. Not a second was wasted with her and I look forward to working with her again.


Went to see Salicrow for a past/parallel lives reading. I have never meet anyone before for the first time that I was instantly comfortable with. Many aspects of the parallel lives mirrored how I am living in this current life. I learned a great deal and believe this information will help guide me . It was a life changing event.

Mandy Rooney

I highly recommend Salicrow! I absolutely love her live videos every Wednesday (Wyrd Musings)on Facebook ; I have learned so much from them! I am also doing The Book Of Shadows work shop on her website and also highly recommend that as well! I have not met her in person yet (hopefully soon) her energy and personality is awesome I love it!


I had a psychic reading with Sali - first of all she greets you with kindness and respect & very genuine - we got started, as she proceeded I listened very intently as she hit on several thoughts and aspects of my life that I had of my own and confirmed, it was so comforting to “know”. I would recommend to any one that wants to know more about themselves to sit and have a reading, there will be many “WOW” moments whether you say it to yourself or out loud. I left feeling a sense of calm and confidence “knowing”. Thank you so much Sali, you truly do spread love & kindness, looking forward to another session in the future.

Sabrina Morrison

My ancestral healing session felt really genuine and was very comforting. It reaffirmed some things that I had been debating. It felt like having coffee with a really honest and wise friend! I left feeling at ease and as if I had a clearer understanding of my path.

Pam Perry

I too was a skeptic, didn't really believe anyone could connect with the dead. After my granddaughter died when she was 24, I was so grief stricken I just wanted to know if she was o.k. I heard of Sali Crow, a friend called and made an appointment. I cried the whole time. I wasn't sure until Sali strarted telling me things about my ex-husband, which I really didn't want to come through, I was there for my granddaughter. I have been twice and waiting until I can go again. Sali Crow is the best, I can't sing her praises enough.

Lisa Steadman

I've met with SaliCrow twice and both readings were spot on. Her readings were intuitive, compassionate and informative. The information she gave me was helpful not only on a personal level but also as a guide on my life's path. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.

Christine Martin

I met Sali through an invite to a reading at a friend's house. Not knowing what to expect, I was there without expectations, but had been dealing with the death of a loved one. She gave me clarity on the situation and I truly felt like a weight had been lifted after the reading. I then scheduled a gathering at my house and the results were amazing. My Aunt, myself and the others present all had meaningful visits with loved ones that had passed, and were so accurate and brought much healing. It was such a wonderful experience, and I look forward to another session with Sali in the future.

Courtney Vorachak

I First Met Sali at a Reiki 1 training that she was hosting. Sali has empowered me to take control of how I take care of myself and my loved ones. So grateful to have met her. Looking forward to a Reiki 2 training in the future!


you know I had a vision of some white feathers, and then a week later I saw an add for salicrows white raven reading and the image was almost identical so I said alright ill give it a go. She blew me away with her reading, it all related to alot of things going on on my life. It was really insightful and I got some tools to use going forward. I know spirit worked with her to get to me.


When my mom passed, Sali was the first to show up for me. She helped with the End of Life ceremony beautifully. For years after, I had a very hard time accepting my moms passing. Sali helped keep communication between me and my mom, even in my darkest moments. She made me a believe in afterlife. Thank you, SaliCrow🖤

Michelle charbonneau

Had a session with Sali today. Wow , she was spot on, straight forward and helpful. I never told her, why I was contacting her. She new from the first card. She helped lessen the blow, but was very direct, which is what I needed. I am not a sugar coated person, I like real people. After watching her videos, I knew Dali, was that person. She also gave me guidance on my next steps forward. As scared as I was, I did exactly as she said. She was right. I am beyond happy, that I contacted her, and her guidance and push was much needed. Thank you!

Terri Richardson

I had a reading with you about 3 years ago it changed my life. To know my brother was still with me was the best moment of my life. You are the real deal! The instant I saw you a shiver ran up my spine and I know you are pure power! Thank you Sali I’m not alone in this world anymore.


I took a Water workshop with Salicrow about 5 months ago and I am still experiencing the benefits. She literally showed us how to honor and connect with the spirits of the water. I felt a deep sense of communion with the place that she brought us to and the other people who attended. I am still absorbing the information from that day. Worth it? You can’t put a price on these types of experiences.
I also had the privilege of a White Raven card reading with Salicrow. I left the appointment feeling a strong sense of focus and intention. Everything she said & pointed out resonated with me deeply. I highly recommend her readings and workshops.

Teresa poginy

I have known Sali for many years. I was fortunate enough on multiple occasions to receive tarot readings when she was a traveling psychic, reading for several people at our homes . I always felt her gifts were beyond just reading the tarot , her intuitiveness gave way to thought provoking ideas and realizations. I have experienced seances, spirit galleries with her that are so profound that you leave with a sense of connection with all there.
I have been attuned to reiki , the water element and have dedicated myself to my higher purpose under her lightened (positive) guidance. I have also received healing work that was unlike any other that I have ever gotten - I felt lifted up, energized and ready to continue my journey in this life. I have also taken many workshops that are always insightful and just plain fun!! My most recent reading was the White Raven. It has helped me to know where my true gifts are and what obstacles I must overcome to excel in my chosen path. To know who/what to look for in counsel to help me along the process. I highly recommend this if you are struggling to find your true purpose.
Overall Sali is truly my mentor and a highly gifted and trusted friend that can help you with so much- you just need to reach out.

Ann Wodziak

~ I've always loved learning and experiencing anything considered "esoteric". Since meeting Sali Crow, I've had the opportunity to read her book, "Jump Girl", participate in weekend retreats, online classes, personal readings, guidance and the amazing support that her "Wisdom Keepers" fb group has provided throughout this unprecedented difficult time. With Sali's guidance and support, I've discovered a whole new level of appreciation and respect for ancient arts, magical practices and for the developing gifts I am meant to share.
Ann Wodziak

Melanie Halpern

Sali is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Over the course of three years I have had readings by her, Attended many workshops and spirit galleries..I have received two Reiki attunements as well as water and earth attunements. I have attended many rune galdr classes lead by her.I have had the pleasure of reading her book Jump Girl, which I literally could not put down. I have learned so much from Sali and in essence, learned much about myself! I intently look forward to learning more.. If you have ever doubted the existence of psychic abilities, one session with her WILL sway you to your core.. Her readings are spot on! What is really special and admirable about her is the motivation behind what she does. She uses her gifts to teach and heal people and our planet.I find her to be non judgemental, a GREAT story teller and very passionate about what she does..She is Intelligent and hard working..What she will have to tell to you is direct, but said with upmost understanding and compassion.Treat yourself to a session with her and I guarantee that you will be glad that you did! I have the upmost respect and admiration for Sali and all of the things she is doing.


I’ve known Sali for years. She and I have worked together for years. From the death of my daughter, the death of my dad who was my hero, to walking in the woods backwards with a mirror barefoot, to all of the reiki sessions and my atunement, to going so deep into trance that I needed Sali’s help to come out, to the walk and visits in the woods, to laying in her moss holding space. I could go on and on about Sali. My deepest friend who has saved me and my soul many times. I love you Sali. Love and light ❤️😘


My reading was a gift. I wasn't sure what to expect but there was a lot of insight and good easy doable steps of focus and awareness for me. A lot of what was shared is actually what I am in the middle of doing and changing right now. It made sense and offered a lot of smiles and laughter. What a treat! Thank you so much!

Amiee Dill

Your book Jump Girl , actually visually jumped off the shelf into my life as I walked through a book store. As I read your life story I shook my head and said hell yes so many times. I actually laughed about your squirrel comment because my family tells me I am like squirrel to a nut ( never stop). So many childhood experiences began to make more sense. I have always feared my gifts but with your book I have found some peace. I now know that what I feel sometimes is just growing pains and that my fear inhibits my growth. I realize that so many things I have studied over the years have been the very things that will enable me to continue to grow. Your book has been such a gift and I enjoy all of your live events on Facebook. I actually have an altar now and I am trying to embrace my gifts without fear. I thank you for your amazing words in your book and for your willingness to share your experiences in your personal journey. Wishing you, Peace , love and light.


Sali is incredibly real, authentic, grounded, inspirational, intelligent, deep, honest, forthright, hysterical and fun. Thank you for bringing light to what people describe as typically a dark world! I highly encourage anyone explore, listen, absorb and experience what she has to offer. You will have no regrets and your life will be transformed.

Noel McCann

Sali recently did a White Raven reading with me. If you are considering this reading, I highly recommend it! Sali provided immediate, remarkable insight into the core of my characteristics. She was able to identify gifts I am able to share with others to help spread light, while offering clarification and deeper detail about my role and ability to raise others up. Sali gently identified some areas that block personal growth for me, and was able to give me methods to help break through/work around these old barriers. Plan on taking notes or recording your session. There is a *tremendous* amount of information you will gain in a short time. Absolutely thrilled with this reading and what I am taking away from it!


Sali is a straight-shooter. Her authenticity and ability to cut-through to the heart of what needs to be addressed in a session shines through. Sali has been an integral teacher in my journey, largely because of her ability and willingness to go boldly into the depths and darkness alongside me in order retrieve and look at the truth. She navigates this with kindness and strength.

Vanessa Norway

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Mark Twain
— A quote I have learned to live by, now fully understanding since my apprenticeship with Sali. I have been fortuitous in my ability to work with her for the past few years, gaining much more than a mentor. With Sali’s steady guidance I was able to look at myself from every angle and see where I wanted to make changes and heal. Sali fostered that self improvement and healing, never pushing me in any direction, but being the honest yet empathetic feedback when needed and the enthusiastic cheerleader when I reached a personal goal. Her spiritual and life experience make her knowledgeable and compassionate when teaching, genuinely sharing her gifts and helping others discover their own is an art form she clearly has the reins to. I’m forever changed for the better because of the work I completed under Sali, I cannot wait to see what comes next!
Vanessa Norway - Apprenticeship Program 3rd year

Jeanie Shepherd

Sali recently connected me with my Mom and sister. The messages she gleaned from their communications have already helped shift family dynamics in a very positive way! I had felt that my Mom was trying to tell me something, and that possibly my sister had messages she wanted me to pass along. It was so Powerful and True💜. Thank you, Sali!!

Shauna poole

Sali is not only an amazing gifted person but she is the best teacher. I'll never forget the first time I connected to my father through her teaching me how to communicate through a Ouija board when I was in highschool. She has read me when I was a young child up through adulthood and has provided me with guidance and spot on information she received through Spirit. I will always cherish her readings and she provides the best services. She is truly a special person!


I met Sali less than 10 years ago. I had a reading then and I remember walking away thinking, "no way did that just happen". I was drawn to her when she walked in the room, her eyes captivating, like she vould see you and speak to your soul, this before I had any clue what she did or who she was. Fast forward to October 2020. I had planned on a reading with my beloved father who passed 2 years ago, but knew I needed to wait until the time was right. It was the best investment to date, money spent well and who can even put a price on what I gained from Sali. From the time I sat and the session began, I could feel my father and Sali was able to communicate things I felt but couldnt hear. She helped heal a portion of my very broken heart that day and allowed me the gift of recording the session, which has to date healed a portion of 4 others heart's by KNOWING my father is truly still with us all. Some things remain a mystery, but so many things came through, including mannerisms of his, through Sali, one of which Im sure she had no idea I caught, but he must have shown her. Words that she spoke that were absolutely clues to let us know it was truly him. Skeptics turned believers in some of my family members. My father even came through "loud and clear" as he not once, or even twice, but three times increased the volume on the radio during the session. A fun little game he played to annoy my mother or myself when we were trying to be stern with him and he wanted to show his love for music and a bit of naughty defiance but drowing us out. I cant thank her enough and am currently reading a borrowed copy of Jump Girl and want to know more about everything that is Sali. Very happy with my sessions and scheduled for a White Raven session tomorrow!!!

Rachel Venooker

I have taken an Earth Attunement workshop with Sali, and have to say that it was an experience unlike all others. I've taken workshops with other healers and seers in the past. This workshop was well-organized, thorough, and unique in the way it continued to do its work for many days afterward. For all those seeking to understand more about themselves and the natural and luminous world, and their place and connection with it, I encourage you to explore some of Sali's offerings.

Linda Entriken

Sali is the best! I have had 2 small group spirit communication sessions with her, and she was amazing with the information received. Also she has truly helped a family member of mine with healing sessions ❤️ Thank you Sali Crow! I will definitely reach out to you again soon! Sending Love and stay safe...

Nancy D

Sali was referred to me by a mutual friend. I understand that Sali is spot on with her readings. I started watching her live videos, and always look forward to seeing more. I do plan to get a reading with her soon. I love watching her live videos, I seem to learn something new every time. Hope to see you soon. All my best!

Robin ann

I found Salicrow through a friend. My first experience with her work was from a Facebook live reading. I was searching for another site and came into the group just as she started the video. I was fascinated by her information. The way she connects through social media is amazing. I felt like she was in my house talking just to me... telling me about her life and her dad... her book writing and her background. I felt like I knew her forever when this was the first time I heard her speak. I am looking forward to reading jump girl and learning more about her psychic talents and abilities. Thank you Salicrow for sharing your gifts with the world! Robin Ann. NH.

Aleha Racenet

Where do I begin...Sali has been such an amazing mentor, teacher and healer for me. She has taught me so much about my beliefs, gifts and self love. Sali has also done numerous readings for me, which include psychic readings and past life readings. All have been spot on or resonated with me deep to the core. She has also taught me a lot about Reiki with both self healing and healing others. She is a gift to our community.

Kelly McManus

First reading with Sali and she was wonderful! Provided me with me much needed clarity and insight into the information I received. Can’t wait to schedule another session 🙏

Steve Kline

Two readings, one unsolicited, and both spot on!


Sally has been such an inspiration to me as I follow her on social media, read her book Jump Girl from cover to cover, maybe even rereading some parts more than once ! I have enjoyed you FB posts throughout the trips you have taken and your everyday life. Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey in this much needed time !

Heather C

I love watching Sali Crows videos. She is so knowledgeable! I haven’t had the chance to have a psychic reading with her just yet. But When I take the trip to VT, that will be my first stop.

Carrie Vogt

Reading Salicrow’s book, Jump Girl, helped me in more ways than I can explain. It opened my eyes to things going on in my own life, and pushed me to start the journey I am on now, and for that I am grateful. Jump Girl is a perfect read for someone who needs clarity and validation, or for someone that just wants to curl up on the couch with a book they can’t put down. I have not yet had a session with her (although I hope I will soon), but from reading her posts and watching her videos on social media, it is clear that she has a strong and compassionate presence, and has a lot to teach the world.

Olivia Cole

Salicrow’s offers such clarity with love and healing for all, Not only are her readings, both divination and spirit, insightful well rounded and open, her classes she offers are thorough, well designed, and full of applicable knowledge. I can not recommend both readings or courses for anyone who feels called! Check out her books as well!

Olivia Cole

Salicrow’s offers such clarity with love and healing for all, Not only are her readings, both divination and spirit, insightful well rounded and open, her classes she offers are thorough, well designed, and full of applicable knowledge. I can not recommend both readings or courses for anyone who feels called! Check out her books as well!

Wendy Lafirira

I have not only taken a class from Sali, I have had readings done by her as well and I have to tell you that she is not only astoundingly accurate, she delivers the information to you in a very comfortable, relaxed manner. If there is something you need more clarity on, or want more information about she will go further into it with you. And she takes the time to make sure it all makes sense! I cannot say enough good things about her. If you go to see her, you will not be disappointed!

Barbara Baumann

The White Raven Reading offers a lot very helpful and positive information in a short time! There were some surprises, some affirmations, some ‘ah ha’ moments, and definitely inspiration for moving forward using my own personal set of gifts. Sali even verbalized an idea that had been sort of percolating in a tiny pocket of my mind, but hadn’t fully formed. When described in her words, it gave me new understanding of how to make it part of what I offer clients in my healing practice. When preparing for your reading, definitely plan take notes and/ or record because it is information-dense and you’ll want to be able to review it all, again and again. Thank you for your insights, and for giving it to me straight, Sali.

Jodi Campbell

Sali has some of the most unique and authentic gifts I have ever seen. I had a soul purpose reading with her and everything that she said about the things in my life that were pointing to this were spot on. Her energy emits a sense of truth and intensity. If you choose to have a reading with her or take one of her classes, be prepared to receive the information you seek, but often in ways you did not anticipate. I highly recommend her as a medium and psychic.

Claire Lanzer

I have had the pleasure of attending both in person and zoom Rune galdr classes with Salicrow for over the last year. I would highly recommend trying this class. Sali is a gifted teacher! I have learned about both vocal toning and the runes! Each student has different experiences and together we learn from each other!

Ammanda Smith

Sali is wise in the ways of spirit
Consciousnesses of magicks
A guide to others who sparkle
A teacher and a friend.

Sarah Leveille

Incite full, respectful, powerful.

Damien Archambeau

Sali Crow is a talented and amazing psychic healer and teacher! I first met Sali when she entered my yoga studio, and that lead me down the path of becoming a Reiki Master through her teaching, and expanding my knowledge in the mystical arts. Her book is captivating and allows for the reader to connect with a deeper hunger of understanding. She has helped many with her gifts and I continue to look for what adventure will be shared next!

Stacy Davis

Sali is amazing! She has a true gift as a healer and a teacher. If you haven't made time to see her you should, she has so much to teach the world.

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