See what people are saying about Salicrow, Psychic Medium and the services she provides. 

Ammanda Smith

Sali is wise in the ways of spirit
Consciousnesses of magicks
A guide to others who sparkle
A teacher and a friend.

Sarah Leveille

Incite full, respectful, powerful.

Damien Archambeau

Sali Crow is a talented and amazing psychic healer and teacher! I first met Sali when she entered my yoga studio, and that lead me down the path of becoming a Reiki Master through her teaching, and expanding my knowledge in the mystical arts. Her book is captivating and allows for the reader to connect with a deeper hunger of understanding. She has helped many with her gifts and I continue to look for what adventure will be shared next!

Stacy Davis

Sali is amazing! She has a true gift as a healer and a teacher. If you haven't made time to see her you should, she has so much to teach the world.

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