"I have hosted several parties at my home with Sali. Past life readings, tarot card readings and the most amazing seance's that have connected myself and many of my friends with loved ones that have past. All I can say is that you will leave a session blown away. I have personally had conversations with people who have passed through Sali. I am talking about asking questions and her relaying the answers that she is receiving. Make no mistake, these are specific questions with detailed and specific answers. It is incredibly heart warming and tear provoking. 
She is an amazing woman with an incredible gift. I promise you will not regret any session you choose to have with her. One a final note, I highly recommend the Past Life reading. It gave me so much clarity in my life." ~ Jill Bratiotis Cornellier

"I met Sali a few years back when she did a card reading for me. She was very professional and her intuition was spot on with what I had been going through at that time.

Since then, for the past 6 months I have been doing sound meditation with Sali where we use our own voice and song to go deep within ourselves and with Sali's instruction we have been healing our bodies, both mental and physical, and also sending that healing out to the planet. Sali not only teaches us how to tone she also is giving us the tools to use this kind of exercise and meditation in our lives everyday. With her knowledge, she has created a sacred space filled with love, hope and joy, where we can feel safe, grounded and nurtured.

I have also had the great pleasure of being part of Sali's Psychic Medium groups. In these group settings Sali is getting messages for each person in the group from their beloved dead who have passed over. This can be very emotional for the people receiving the messages and Sali truly has the gift of not only giving the message but also making the person hearing the message feel safe, at ease, comfortable and loved. I was in awe as I watched each person in the group getting accurate information from their deceased relative or friend.

Sali has an amazing gift and I am grateful that she is on this planet at this time, helping people and spreading love." ~ Jennifer Florio

"Sali has a gift like no other. We met several years back at a ladies weekend. The most amazing physic medium I have ever met. She's traveled to my home town for personal readings that proved extremely comforting to family members. When she talks of her past growing up with this gift you can't help but land in that room with her like your seeing it too. Her abilities are the best I've ever encountered. I wish her all the best on every adventure ahead. Anyone that gets the opportunity to see her will be extremely impressed by her gift." ~ Paula Jacobs

"My husband and I have been building a house for the last 8 months. We have hit road block after road block. We moved into our home so we could finish up the construction for our time is running out on the allotted time to build. My family and I have had encounters with spirit that reside on our land since we started the building process. I set my crystal grids did a clearing on the land as well as an offering prior to building. I set crystal grids in the home as well. I had a spirit reading from Sali and she was able to communicate with both spirits. Sali communicated with the male and female in our home and on our land. She advised us that they are there to help us. It was amazing that Sali was able to communicate with spirit so we can take some of his suggestions and hopefully have a better outcome than we have been having with building this house. Thank you Sali Crow and I will definitely be reaching out again if our plan need assistance." ~ Tammie Nadeau-Fredette

"I had the opportunity to meet and have a reading from Sali last year and the way my life has changed since that moment is just unbelievable. She gave me great guidance regarding my career that has helped me so much to get back in to my path successfully. She told me stuff about myself that I was struggling with and through her reading I have found peace and acceptance so I can move on. Her words and advice are still with me and I always go back to my reading ( I recorded it) if I get lost. If you are looking forward to have an amazing experience with tarot Sali is the right person to go to!" ~ Alejandra Jiménez

"Sali is truly extraordinary, gifted, talented and amazing. I met her a year ago and since that meeting, I feel that my feelings of intuition have been validated, and I have a clear vision of how to move forward on my journey. I now have a clear understanding of how my past life has affected my present life. Her spirit and her energy are contagious. Sali never misses a moment to teach and to share her wisdom with those around her. The roots of her knowledge run deep, and I am blessed and grateful to know her and learn from her. Do not miss an opportunity to meet Sali or have a reading by her, I promise it will change your life and the way you think." ~ Shannon Maley-Shaurette

"I'm grateful for having seen a gallery reading by Salicrow which led to me contacting her for in depth readings. She has been spot on many times and told me exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. I have had psychic readings, past life readings and spirit communication sessions. She has helped me choose what was most helpful at that time. All of my sessions have allowed me to be clear about what is happening in the present and given me guidance as to how to proceed. That knowledge is invaluable! I look forward to working with her again in the future! Thank you, Salicrow!" ~ Rebecca Abbott

"I have known Sali for years and am always amazed by how insightful she is especially after not seeing each other for long stretches. I recently had the chance to do some work with her on a warrior goddess retreat and came back a changed woman. It was powerful, insightful and extremely aw inspiring. If you have never done work with Sali I highly recommend it, you too will come out a changed person, for the better." ~ Sharon Eustace

"Sali is magnificent! I've not met a more professional spiritual guide or teacher. Sali is extremely sincere & truly cares about those that she works with. She offers people what they need and want. She presents information in a compassionate way people can understand. 
If you have the opportunity to work with her - you will find a connection you do not want to loose! Sali can provide not only the information you want, but the instruction and tools to find the answers yourself." ~ Laura Elizabeth

"Sali is an authentic and trustworthy medium! She is fun loving and has a fabulous energy to be around. Her words and encouragement have kept me on my own personal path and when I have doubted myself she gave me the words thru her readings to reinforce that I have made the right choices." ~ Lisa Sweeney Genest

"I've been friends and a student of Sali's for the past decade. She's an amazing teacher and person. I cannot even begin to describe how much she's helped me through some really rough times. I've grown spiritually and healed from my Reiki 1, 2 and Masters levels she's taught me, as well as many other classes. Thank you so much! I look forward to many more! )0( Love and Light." ~ Chrissy Berry Bryant

"Time and time again Sali has given me insight and guidance about my life. She has uncovered past lives that are helping me understand who I am, and who I can be... I highly recommend that you have a reading with her!" ~ Abrah Griggs

"I have known Sali for many years. When my brother passed away I met with her and was more than amazed. Her accuracy and her abilities are absolutely amazing. I walked away with answers and some peace. I will be scheduling another visit. There is not anyone else I would trust with such a personal experience." ~ Molly Simmons Fulton

"Sali is amazing! I am always blown away by the accuracy and power of her work. If you're on the fence about contacting her, just do it! You won't be disappointed!" ~ Stacy Ruggles Davis

"My first reading with Sali was amazing. It was as if she was rummaging around in my head and pulling out all the things I was struggling with. It was truly a life altering." ~ Christine Griffin Kisling

"I met Sali during a time of trauma in my life and with her grounded, real-life approach to spirit connection, reiki and deep knowing, helped me move through what could have been a downward slope but became a positive, life changing, heart opening experience!
I recommend Sali's work to all of my clients that are interested, and friends and family too. I love her as a person and have the utmost respect for her as a teacher. I've taken her Reiki 1 course and seen her many times for healing sessions. She has truly changed my life for the better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sali!!!" ~ Elizabeth England

"Twice Sali has brought me unexpected messages from loved ones that have brought me joy, peace, love and understanding and a sense of closure that I hadn't been able to come to on my own. Thank you for these wonderful gifts of communication." ~ Heather Holmes

"I've worked with Sali for over 10 years taking classes, healing and getting readings. Sali has a gift and I always leave feeling grounded. If you need answers, don't hesitate to reach out to her!" ~ Jessica Aiken-Hall

Our coffee session together was an incredibly powerful tool for understanding the messages presenting themselves along my spiritual path. Your wisdom and tips helped me to abandon any self doubt and trust my intuition along the way. You articulate your experience with the spirit realm in such a way that is both mystical yet pragmatic. I love your down to earth nature! You make these teachings feel approachable and empowering! I love you Sali Crow! Keep up the good work! Thanks for being an excellent guide! - Alexandra Lozier, NY