Summer specials at Solstice Meadow


Social Distancing Special

20-min CROW - $50*

40-minute RAVEN - $100

1-hour ROOK - $150

These Psychic Reading appointments take place via phone or Zoom (Skype, Facetime or Facebook Video are also available)

*Not recommended for first time clients. This reading is for people who have already had a reading and perhaps have more specific questions about it that they need answered.


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Summer Solstice
White Raven

Beginning June 21st

40 mins - $111


Unlock your potential, recognize your latent gifts and raise your vibration! This reading focuses on helping the recipient see where their gifts lie and how to unlock them for more joy, love and connection to life. The reading is meant to help the recipient focus their lens on potential, raising ones vibration comes through working with ones gifts toward that potential. This is a spiritual reading with a focus on stepping into ones unique power. Illuminate the holidays with a White Raven Reading. Let your inner Raven fly free!!


Email for Appointment

More Information on upcoming specials will be available here soon!