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Psychic Readings

Clients Seen

10 am to 2 pm EST (Zoom or in person)
Thursdays 5 pm to 9 pm EST (Zoom only)

11 am to 7 pm EST (Zoom or in person)


PSYCHIC READINGS INCLUDE traditional readings, past life/parallel life, soul purpose, and wyrd consultations. You will be asked which style of Reading you are looking for at the beginning of the appointment.


This reading is designed to look at the client’s current and future events, and how their life is being influenced by their past.  Focused on- home, finance, relationships, friendship, family, career, healing and spiritual path. Available in 20-minute/40-minute/60-minute appointments. 



This reading is designed to look at the client’s soul and the reasons they chose to incarnate this lifetime.  Focused on- the lessons we have chosen to learn in this lifetime, personal karma, and soul-level relationships. Available in 40-minute/60-minute appointments. 


PAST LIFE READING- This reading is designed to look at the TWO-LIVES that are currently influencing the client, and how these lives triangulate with the client’s current life situations and lessons.  Focused on helping the client to understand themselves more deeply, through exploration of past/parallel lives. Available in 40-minute/60-minute appointments.



This reading is designed for people who are seeking to understand psychic or supernatural events they have experienced.  Focused on getting answers for the unexplained experiences of the client's life. Available in 40-minute/60-minute appointments. 



20 Minutes - $75
*Traditional Reading only

Email V with questions about services. 

For more information regarding Psychic Readings or inquires about Hosting an Event please email us.

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