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When the Dead Speak

I grew up in a family where my psychic gifts were nurtured by my grandmother and echoed by my sister. I had little doubt that the spirit world was real as I experienced it in my everyday life. Even the non-psychic members of my family revered the dead so talking about them was pretty normal. My grandmother; who was a self-dedicated cemetery worker, would take my sister Sandy and me along when she went to tend the graves of those who have been forgotten. She did not believe the souls were stuck in the ground beneath their tombstone, but more or less described such as marker stones that they could return to again and again when they needed to connect with the life they had left behind.

We now live in a time when many are forgoing the graveyard in favor of their ashes being spread about, being made into jewelry, suncatchers, trees, and even poly-resin doll heads made to look like you. While this may seem wyrd and maybe a bit disturbing it's important to remember that some ancient cultures actually kept the skulls of their Beloved Dead for guidance, with the belief that the head allowed them to stay connected to their loved one in spirit. While it is not necessary to have the remains of our loved one for communication to happen, it does make it easier! (I am not suggesting you keep the skull of your loved ones, but I have to admit I kind of like these resin heads). Regardless of whether we choose a nice gravestone, a garden bench, personal cremation jewelry, or a poly-resin likeness of our loved one the truth remains that we are all looking to keep the connection with our Beloved Dead alive!

I have a very personal and active relationship with my Beloved Dead, in which I talk with my family and friends in the spirit world every day, often as casually as I would my living loved ones. Sometimes its is similar to a short text or message, in which they speak up when something I am doing feels relevant to them, other times it's a long conversation while I'm soaking in the tub or driving into town. I know that the level of communication I receive is more than most folks; being that I am a professional medium, but I often find that most people are getting a lot more contact than they believe they are.

SEANCE-to sit in reverence with the dead for communication.

Often when people come to me for Seances (spirit communication) they are experiencing messages from the Beloved Dead that they are writing off as coincidence. It is fun to watch their faces as I tell them about some wyrd experience that happened in their homes. The look on their face is recognition; they know exactly what I am talking about because when it occurred they felt something!

We all have the ability to feel/sense/communicate with our Beloved Dead, although that ability comes in varying degrees. Just like we all possess the ability to do art, not all of us are going to be Michael Angelo. Some of us will have deep, clear experiences while others will get the equivalent of stick figure drawings. It is important to remember that it is not our ability alone that determines the clearness of the communication, for not all spirits have the same skill level as others. Some spirits are talkers who fill my mind with conversations, and nuances of their personality, they tell stories and leave little doubt about who they are. Other spirits; generally younger souls, struggle a bit. They may show images and get broken sentences across but they struggle to get their message across. When communicating with a younger soul, it requires a lot of patience and often their messages are lost to those who are not skilled in the field of spirit communication.

Most people feel lost when someone they love dearly dies, for we create our life story by weaving in threads from the lives of others. When death comes into our lives it tangles our threads and cuts off pathways that once supported us. Our struggle is made harder by the uncertainty of spirit, without proof how can we be sure that there is an afterlife, that our loved ones and someday we ourselves are not going to just simply not exist?

The hard part of that experience is often our emotions and fear can make it more difficult for our loved ones to get through to us. Our pain makes us write off every effort they put forth, seeing it as wishful thinking. Those most affected by the loss created by death are often the ones who have the hardest time seeing the signs that their Beloved Dead is putting forward. This is due to a hardening of one's personal aura (the energetic field that surrounds the body).

One of the things I noticed early on in my career as a Psychic Medium was people who are deeply mourning can harden their aura, making it a protective shield that keeps out spirit contact. This is not just done by those deeply distressed by mourning, but it is the most common place I see it. What I mean by a hardening of the aura is that in their fear that they will never see, hear or feel their loved one again they make the outside edge of their energetic field into a shield, using their personal power to create a barrier between them and spirit. I have also seen this in people who have been raised in restrictive religions. When the aura is hardened it is almost impossible for the spirit to make contact with their Beloved Dead. The mourning individual may be frustrated by hearing from their friends, family, and even work colleagues that they had a dream about the spirit in mention, while they the one who is truly grieving is receiving nothing. This is not a matter of who the spirit loves best but who they can get through to. If a spirit cannot get through to who they are seeking they will start reaching out to those around the person they are trying to reach in hopes of getting a message through.

There are things you can do if you feel you are struggling in your ability to make contact with your Beloved Dead. First-set up an altar or shrine for your Beloved Dead. Put out pictures and moments that help you feel connected to them. Spend time with your altar seeing it as an axis point to connect with your loved ones in spirit; like gravestones, ancestor altars are marker points for the spirit world making access easier. When you sit with your altar speak the name of your loved one out loud and ask them to join you. Talk to them (preferably out loud) about your life and your feeling of sorrow at their passing. Choose a time of day that is easiest for you and favored by them; if your mom was a coffee in the morning gal, make a cup and sit with your altar as you reach out to her. Be repetitive, and make note of your experiences no matter how great or small in your book of shadows.

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While many of us will be satisfied with the little messages we receive personally from our Beloved Dead, there will be those who want and need more. In such cases, I recommend seeking out the help of a professional Medium. A Medium is a conduit, a person who spirits can communicate with easier than most. They are people who stand between the veil connecting the spirit world and the living, living bridges to the world of the dead. Choosing a Psychic Medium is something you should do carefully, as like all other professions there are good Mediums and bad; just as there are good plumbers and bad plumbers. Ask around, see if any of your friends have been to one; word of mouth is the most reliable recommendation you can get! If you find a Medium and your experience feels off or you are having to struggle to make the information fit, chances are they are not a good fit for you. While I like to believe that all who go into the profession with healing and love in their heart, there are scam artists and half-assed professionals in every field. Be careful and trust your instincts!

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