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What to expect at a Seance…

My work as a Medium is that of conduit,  I see myself as a bridge between the world of the living and that of the dead.  I have been connected to Spirit since I was a very young child, having my first visit when I was 3 months old.  I don’t remember the experience personally, but heard it over and over again from my great grandmother who was also a Medium.  She told me of how my father’s mother played with me at her funeral.  It was one of the many things she told me as she worked to make me comfortable with my gifts.  Simple truth, no elaborations…just ‘Spirits talk to you Sali, it’s ok’.  The simplicity in which my grandmother interacted with the Spirit world influenced my life greatly and it is the style I choose to embody in my work with Spirit.  They are still our loved ones and I see visiting with them as just that…a visit from an old friend or family member.

Saftely first-

Many people are afraid of Spirit Communication.  I attribute this to Religious dogma, Scooby Doo & too many bad 80’s movies.  If you are working with a respectable, skilled Medium you should have nothing to worry about.

In my work as a Medium, when doing Seances and Personal Spirit Communication sessions I communicate solely with Beloved Dead.  Beloved Dead are family, friends, ancestors and spirit guides.  This has been my practice since day one.  I will not tolerate Spirits who come with any malcontent, for my work is about love and healing.  Long before I started working with the public I placed safety measures into my Spirit Communication practice.  Not only do I hold sacred space myself while working, I also work with a Doorman.  A Doorman is a Spirit Guide whose job is to control which Spirits can come through for communication.   He decides whether the Spirits presenting themselves should enter the gathering and pass messages directly to me, wait at the door and pass messages via Doorman or bugger off because they are up to no good.   My Doorman’s name is Adam and I consider him among my dearest of friends.  I have deep trust and respect for him and he is fantastic at his job!

How I receive messages from the Dead-

I am a multi-sensory Medium, which means that I experience Spirits through my sight, hearing, sense of smell & touch…as well as seeing them in my 3rd eye (chakra right between the eyes also known as the minds eye).   I believe my skill to be very good, that being said communication with Spirits is not just based on the skill of the Medium, it also factors in the Spirits ability to communicate.  Some Spirits are great story tellers, they will literally speak to me and I will simply repeat what they are saying.  When I say I repeat what they are saying, I mean I literally repeat it….which means if your family member liked to swear a lot, so do I.  The other way they communicate with me is through images.  They will show me images, like a slide show inside of my mind of places they have lived…cars they have owned, landmarks, jewelry, and unusual things that are personal to the family or person.  I have found over the years that most Spirits communicate with one or more sense….giving me & their living family members clear information so that they know who they are.  If your grandmother comes through showing me a rolling pin and a detailed image of her kitchen, she will also most likely share a scent with me so that I know she preferred to bake pies and cinnamon rolls over chocolate cake or cookies.  When showing me the large lilac bush just off of her porch she may very well share that smell as well.  Over  my years as a Medium I have come to notice that people who are Extroverts in life are the talkers, they are the ones who can come through and carry on conversations.   The Introverts are the ones who show me images most often.  This fact has actually taught me a lot about how Introverts and Extroverts think.  I believe that Extroverts think more often with words.  In their mind their is dialog connected to images.  Introverts more often have emotions connected to images, making verbal communication an after thought.

What do the Dead talk about?

I introduce Spirits as they present themselves.  My doorman directs me to the Spirit who is up for communication.  I often share a physical description of the person as I see them.  This description comes from what I see with my eyes such as how close they are standing to the recipient, height, stature, etc., as well as what I see in my 3rd eye which is much clearer…giving me physical distinctions such hair color, facial features, & such.  I can also tell how close of a relationship the Spirit has to the person by how close they stand to them.  When a Spirit first begins to communicate with me they will spend a few moments describing themselves.  This often includes how they died, where they lived, what they did for work, etc.  After they have shared the basics of themselves they begin to pass more personal messages which may include moments that were special between the living recipient and their Beloved Dead.  They also like to give advice or talk about things that are currently happening in the living recipients life.  This to me is such an important part as it shows that are Beloved Dead are still watching over us and are aware of what we are doing in life.  They will talk about where they like to sit in peoples houses and things they have done to gain the attention of their living loved ones.  They make it clear that they are a living Spirit without a body…

Things you should know before attending a Seance-

Spirits are not omnipotent!  They do not know the answers to all, or even hold great wisdom.  If your Uncle Louie was the town fool in life, he is not going to be the fountain of knowledge in death.  However if your Grandmother was a wise woman in life she will be wise in death as well.  Not all Spirits are Psychic!  I personally work with a team of Spirits and out of my 5 only one of them is Psychic…meaning he, like myself is prophetic and can see future events.  One of the things Spirits can do is tell when someone is getting ready to cross over into the land of the Dead.  Just like we can tell when someone is going to be entering our world by watching them grow inside their mother…the Dead can see people before they enter the world of Spirit.  I refer to this as “the Grey”.  The Grey is the stasis point in which the living can no longer get better, they are dying.  It is also refers to the point in which a Dead soul may not completely understand they are dead.  When a Spirit refers to a living person as being in the Grey it is a way of helping their family members to prepare for loss.  This knowledge of peoples passing is probably the only Psychic bit you will get from Spirits.  When it is mentioned it is always with deep love.

Bring a recording device.   There are lots of little hand held recorders out their pretty cheap and most phones have the capability of recording conversations.  Recording your Seance is completely worth it for a few reasons.  First of all people get what I call Psychic Amnesia, which means that they are so overwhelmed by the information they are receiving and their experience that they forget half of it.  By recording it you are able to revisit the experience again and again allowing you to fully take in the details.  The second reason which I totally love is the Spirits will tell you things you do not know.  I cannot tell you how often I get phone calls from people weeks and months after their Seance saying that they figured out what their Beloved Dead meant.  This is because some of the things they tell you, you don’t know…but someone else in the family does.  Don’t worry, they will give you plenty of information you will recognize.  I have never had anyone walk away from one of my Seances disappointed or wondering if the experience was real… I make the Spirits work for it, they need to give details.  I find the stuff we don’t recognize right away to be the true gifts, for we get to learn from the Dead instead of just remember.

Tissues my friend tissues…Seances are emotional.  You will laugh and their is a good chance you will cry.  I think of Seances as family reunions in which I am a guest or translator.  They are powerful healing moments of closure often filled with joy and a touch of sorrow.  For many families I am a repeat visitor, as they call me to come visit over and over again to unite them with their Beloved Dead.

Choosing a Medium-

When choosing a Medium be a skeptic.  That’s right doubt a little…Like plumbers, carpenters and other skilled craftspeople Mediums come in all ranges from shitty to fantastic.  Just because someone says they can do something, doesn’t mean they can.  Beware of the Medium who starts by asking you a lot of questions, this is fishing…they are looking for you to give them the answers.  A true Medium will not need you to feed them information.  Word of mouth is the best way to pick a Medium, ask your friends if they have ever been to see one.  If that is not an option, check out the Medium’s facebook page, websites & blogs.  Read their words, check them out…if they are totally wack a loon, it’s probably a good idea to stay away.  Another good idea is to avoid choosing your Medium in a tourist zone…places like Old Orchard Beach, Salem & New Orleans.  This is not to say you cannot find a good Medium in those locations.  It is simply the fact that in a tourist area the Medium is not counting on return clientele to make a living.  She is not worried about running into her clients at the grocery store, or school event.

I hope this has been helpful to those of you curious about Spirit Communication.  To me it is natural.  I love it, I find my world enriched by it and I am thankful for the opportunity to share my gifts with others.  I get really pissed off when I meet people who claim to be Mediums and Psychic who are not.  I try my best to help people connect with other True Healers, and Readers.  I think Psychic Abilities are gifts, gifts that if abused or misrepresented will  be given a bad name.  If we want the world to change, to open up and become more intuitive we have to help present an honest, clear image of what Spirit Communication is.   It is about connecting with our Spirit Tribe.

spreading love-salicrow

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