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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare….

honoring water

The last few weeks my view has been hyper focused on Water…from Water ceremonies to making sure I am drinking enough to watching the rivers rise as the snow melts, not an hour has gone by without it being on my mind.

I am fortunate enough to go to my tap & pour myself a glass of clean, fantastic tasting water whenever I want.  I live on top of ledge and have some of the best tasting water I have ever had.  People who come to my house often comment on how good the water taste.  This fact alone is one of the most important reason my husband gives after 17 years  for wanting to spend the rest of his life on this  property.  We often find ourselves talking about the importance of water and our concerns around the scarcity of good drinking water in the future.  Sometimes it seems impossible that we will ever have to worry about having enough clean water.  But I remember being a kid and filling my canteen in river when out hiking with my parents.  I also remember thinking it was crazy that people would buy water.  Now the US consumes 1500 plastic water bottles a second… A SECOND!  Questioning the sanity of the bottled water companies was something most of us Americans contemplated less then 30 years ago.  Really folks 30 years is not that long of a time, specially when you think more and more people are living to be 90 years old,  3X’s that 30 year period.   So we are looking at seeing a shortage of good drinking water within our life time.  In fact Climate Scientist are all ready warning of water shortages in the future if we don’t turn this boat around and start doing something.  The big problem is most people feel helpless to do anything, they feel that in this world of billions their efforts are worthless.

We can take a lesson from Water itself, the Ocean after all is made up of billions & trillions of raindrops.  We are like those raindrops.  Alone we are scarcely noticed, but together we can be a force to be reckoned with.  When we wake up and make a stand we place a drop of Awen (the spirit of creativity) into the minds of others.  If each of us who stood influenced just one other we would soon have a raging river capable of creating change.   How?  What can we do individually?  First there are the practical things we can do, like being aware of what we put into the environment.  All those chemicals we wash our house with & spray our lawn with seep their way into our ground water.  Most people never take the time to look at what they are using.  With today’s technology and the vast amount of smart phones we are all walking around with the information is at our finger tips….google that shit, it’s often scary enough to make you change your mind on buying it.  Here is another note.  All those heavy duty chemicals we use to clean our houses with, they are way over the top.  We do not need such harsh chemicals to clean our homes.  A simple something you can do to protect the water is to buy Environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Even some of the mainstream companies have jumped on the green wagon, including Clorax who now sports a Green Works.  As much as I personally prefer buying local, I would like to give a big shout out of praise for mainstream cleaning companies having green  products.

As much as changing our actions is super important when it comes to the care of the water, it is also important to connect with the

Spirit of Water.  We all know the power of water to move us…emotionally as well as physically.  Many of us have experienced the transcending energy of sitting by a river, pond or the mother of water…the ocean.   Water is overwhelmingly alive!  With that thought of water as a living being we can reach out to communicate.  We communicate with the world around us all the time and not always with words.  By patting a cat, or whistling to a dog we reach out for communication.  When we sing to our plants we see them grow healthier (scientist have proven that music has an effect on plants).  Water too can be touched by our energy, moved by our emotions.

I invite you to engage water…to reach out to it regularly.  To sing to the water as you shower, give small blessings when you pour your self a glass to drink & breathe deeply in reverence when you our in the presence of oceans, rivers and lakes.  We need water to survive, we are water.  Like those raindrops that make up the ocean, when we gather together we can shape our environment.

I give thanks for the Water I drink, I honor the Water I bathe in & I connect to the Waters of the World.

creating tribe-salicrow

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