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To be Empathic…

Empathy is the most common form of Psychic ability, with most children being  Empathic  & many adults.   To be Empathic is to pick up on the feeling or emotions of others.  How  many of you have known that someone was upset even though they were acting as if everything was fine?  Or walked into a room and known there had just been an argument there?

Empathy is a gift, but without understanding & control of the ability it often feels like a curse.  Many highly Empathic people consider themselves to be emotional or describe themselves as moody.  There emotions often seem to jump about from happy to sad  and back again in without apparent cause.  When in large crowds or around emotional situations they often become overwhelmed & find themselves looking for a place to retreat.  Interestingly enough this ability to feel for others on such a deep level often pulls the Empath to jobs working in the healing and nurturing fields.  This is natural draw as the Empath can sympathize with others and often know how they feel and what they need.  The problem is they don’t always know how to tell their own emotions from that of others.  Not to worry…you can learn to control & separate your emotions.  Try the exercise below & remember practice, practice, practice.

*Tomorrow morning when you wake up take 5 minutes to check in with yourself.  Stay in bed, stretch a bit and process how you are feeling.  Notice  not only your physical body, but your emotions…are you feeling drained, tired, grumpy, happy, ambitious, energized.  Take the time to genuinely feel before leaving your room.  Knowing where we begin is necessary to seeing how our emotions effect us throughout the day.

*Check in with yourself again about 10 minutes after joining people..your family around the table, co workers, classmates.  Take a few deep breathes and allow yourself to recognize how you are currently feeling.  If your mood has changed and you now feel angry, sad, joyous, etc.   Do this again when entering different social situations or if the crowd changes.

*If your emotions are different then they were before joining others, start to scan the room.  You are looking for who the emotions belong to.   Once you believe you know who’s emotions  they are take a deep breathe and exhale the emotions….they are not yours.  Repeat the breathe, releasing the foreign emotions on the exhale.  Do this 5 times, then check in with yourself again.  You should feel more like yourself.  You can repeat the breathe more then 5 times, it gets easier to release with practice.  I personally let go of emotions as soon as I register they are not mine.  Please note you do not have to point your finger at the owner of the emotions, but if they are a friend you may want to ask them how they are  feeling for confirmation.    It is really helpful to keep track of your progress in a journal, remember to go back over it periodically to check in and see how you are advancing.

The world is changing folks, more and more people are opening up to their Spiritual gifts.  Like in all times of change it is important to be patient with yourself, keep the ego out of it and have fun.

spreading love-salicrow

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