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The Spirit of Awen…

As the Eisteddfod is just around the corner, I wanted to take a bit of time to write about Awen…

Awen is a Welsh word which means creative inspiration.  When Druids speak of Awen they are referring to the Spirt of Creativity, which they believe is necessary for any and all things to happen.  For without creative thought we would remain stagnant.

When I began my Druid training with the Green Mountain Druid Order in 2008  I immediately connected with Awen and knew that someday I would wear it on my body, bonding with its energy on a permanant basis.  I did so in 2011 when I had it tattoed on my right arm.  I chose my right arm as that is my dominant hand or giving hand and I wanted to always spread creativity and inspiration wherever I went.  I have always been a player… not by modern termanology, but in the term that refers to all life being a stage.

Creative life or the Spirit of Awen flows through all of us.  It is in our stories, our songs, our poetry, and art.  Even when we do not see ourselves as overly creative it is there.  Present in the names we give our children, the way we photograph our friends, and the color we choose to paint our kitchen.  As a culture we have in many ways drifted from our personal connection to creative spirit.  Years ago before every house had a television, radio and computer…our evenings were often spent around a fire telling tales to one another, or singing songs to pass the wee hours.  There is something magical that happens when we engage in each others channeling of Awen.  We connect in a way that is impossible with recorded art.  This is obvious to anyone who has ever gone to a play or seen musicians preform live.  When in the energy of their creative juju we feel like we are a part of it.

I encourage you all to step out of your self contained boxes and play!  Sing a song of nonsense, tell stories of your ancestors, dance like the world is your stage.  There is freedom there as well as pure and utter JOY.

spreading love-Salicrow

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