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The Sacred in your backyard…

For something to be seen as sacred it must move us, create a bit of awe inside of us helping us to step us out of our day to day lives.  The sacred connects us on a soul level…it moves us, shakes up a bit…simultaneously making us feel both larger then life and small as a drop of water in the ocean.  When coming in contact with the sacred we are momentarily more.  We all search for this feeling of more, of being connected to the Sacred.  Some of us know we are searching, others do it without even realizing what we are doing.


Last night I visited the Earth Clock @ Oakledge park in Burlington, VT.  I know some of my Druid friends may be surprised to find out it was my first visit to the Earth Clock, but Burlington is a couple hours away from me and the ceremonies the Druids put on there always seem to coincide with other Solstice festivities I am already committed to.  The Earth Clock was the manifestation of Patrick MacManeway & Ivan McBeth (my friend & Druid teacher from the Green Mountain Druid Order) & was created and maintained by many wonderful, earth loving people.   The intent in creating the Earth Clock was to generate peace. I do not mean to give you all the detailed bits here, if your looking for that make sure to check out, the website has all sorts of good bits to fill your mind with knowledge.  What I do want to share with you is the awe and connectedness I felt while sitting within it.  As I said earlier, this was my first time visiting the Earth Clock.  I have been in many other stone circles including some others in Vermont.  The glory of this Stone Circle is that it is on public land and is open to everyone….

Noel earthclock


spreading love-salicrow

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