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The Primal call of Water…

Water is Sacred to many religions and cultures, with great store invested in the belief that Water holds the power  to heal, cleanse and transform.  

My own relationship with water is a powerful one, and often my travels are based around visiting some water source…whether it be the Ocean, a Holy Well, Rivers, Lakes or Streams.  There is something in Water that connects me directly to the source.  Over the last week, I have visited 2 of my favorite and most sacred watery places which just so happen to be in my backyard.  Ok, not literally my backyard…but close enough that a day trip or couple hour jaunt is do-able.

The first visit was to Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT.  I have talked about this fabulous lake before and I am sure that I will talk about it again.  Willoughby is a Glacial Lake connected to the Crown Chakra, it was carved out when the last of the big glaciers moved through North America.  It is so deep in the center that people have brought in mini submarines to explore its depths.  The mountainous cliffs surrounding the lake make habitation limited.  This helps secure the wild spaces, particularly on the west side of the lake & adds to the  Magic.

Last week I was particularly lucky & had the opportunity to  visit when a soft rain and deep fog had settled on the lake.  I wouldn’t normally think to go to the lake in such weather, but a dear friend was visiting and Willougby is one of the places we visit for magical outings.  We trekked to the west side of the lake wearing our rain coats, carrying offerings for the Water Spirits and Fae folk who reside there.  I was immediately overcome with awe at the beauty that greeted us…We sat on the rocks in the water with a gentle rain falling and mist like something out of a fairy tale surrounding us.  We sang our Spirit Songs (primal singing infused with spirit) to the water, thanking it for its magnificence and just plain loving the energy that was surrounding us.  The voices of others, the unseen folk surrounded us and it was hard not to keep turning around into the woods to spot our visitors.   The peace and joy I came home with after my short visit filled me with bliss and a deep feeling of connection to the spirits that reside there.

My second visit of the week was to the Middle & Upper Falls of the Ammonousac River in Bretton Woods, NH.  This is a place that truly holds a bit of my soul, particularly in Shamanic terms as I almost drown there.  As I child growing up in the White Mountains I spent a lot of time at the Middle Falls.  It was a favorite of my parents, who preferred to swim in the icy, clear water of the River then in lakes or ponds.  I was 12 years old and had been swimming against the current of the river for too long, lost control and was suddenly drowning….my Dad rescued me.  I do not havefear of the river, just a healthy respect and understanding of the nature of water.  Which is a good understanding to have.

Many years have passed since I lived in NH, but I still go back to visit the falls every year.  Now I go there to do work though as I know the energy of that river and the power it holds.  

This year, like years in the pass I went to the river for deep manifestation work.  I am at a major turning point in my life and choose to step boldly into my becoming.  I choose the river for this work as it is fantastically cold!  And that makes it a great catalyst for change….

After meditating on that which I am Becoming, I placed my offering on the ledge of rock and gathered my thoughts.  I condensed them to a small nugget, a vibration of what I am seeking to become.  When I felt ready I plunged into the icy, mountain water & released my thoughts.  It was incredibly easy to release the thought, in fact it was almost impossible not to as the water is really quite chilly.  this absolute surrender of thought is something  I love.  It is a complete moment of Divinity!   That is the fantastic part about using the elements as a catalyst for your Spiritual work.  They not only help charge the moment with their raw, untamed nature.  But they also help us to feel it, know it for real and connect us to the source.  For we know that the water is of nature and that the fire, earth and air are of nature & we are connected to them in that moment.

I cannot recommend enough finding the Sacred in your backyard.  Connecting with the inspiration of Nature and the world around you is not something set aside solely for world travel and exotic destinations.  There are many amazing spaces in the area surrounding our homes.  Open your eyes, see with the eyes of a Spiritual Adventurer and live your life out loud.  Awen!

spreading love-salicrow

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