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The Importance of daily Spiritual practice

It has come to my attention over the years that many people are starving for a Spiritual connection.  Our world of high-tech media may offer us instant gratification in the information department, but it does little to feed the soul.  We can read all the spiritual blogs & watch all the YouTube video’s we want, but they will not equal a personal connection to the Divine.  Now I do not personally give a rat’s ass how you get to God.  Call the Divine being by whatever name you want, see them in whatever shape you want but find a way to connect.  Going through life as an island is not only lonely, but it is often scary.

I have had a personal connection to God/Goddess/Divine since I was a child.  When I was little my father didn’t believe in God, but he thought that it was important that me and my sister Sandy had a connection…just in case there really was a God.  So we went to Sunday school by ourselves starting at the age of 3 & 4.  Looking at it from my vantage point of years-being a parent of grown children & soon to be grandchildren-I see this as a bit odd.  I couldn’t imagine myself to be trusting enough to let other people influence my children’s understanding of the Divine without me having a chance to explain.  But God is good and we went to a great little church, where Sunday school was all about Jesus and his love.  By the time I was 10  my dad found God and we started going to church together as a family, and we certainly went to a variety of them…some totally groovetastic, some a bit over the top weird.  By the time I was a teenager I realized that I didn’t personally connect to the Christian view of God as the only view.  I still highly loved God…in fact I can honestly say that from the time I was little I was having some deep and meaningful conversations with the big cheese.  What I didn’t get was that there was only ONE WAY to connect.  I found this thought crazy…I mean in a world where people speak many different languages and have thousands of cultural differences how could an all mighty being have but one face, one image.  It just seems wrong to me that God would be prejudice….My God is a God/Goddess of LOVE and inclusion.  By the time I was a young adult I realized that I not only could see the face of God inside of church but in the world around me.  My god was in the trees and the streams, the animals and people who walk this planet with me.  Kind of like the Borg view of the Collective, I see God/Goddess as all…like a gemstone with many facets.  Some people like to look at it from one direction, some from another, but all are God.

Finding a personal path to God/Goddess for me is ever evolving & simple.   It has layers of complexity that change as I grow and expand my mind, after all we create God in our image.  Yet it is the simplest thing there could be.  Sometimes when I am in need of sanctuary I head outside and sit within my sacred circle.  I don’t do anything fancy, I simple sit in sacred space and talk to the divine.  I don’t get all fancy in my speech or go to elaborate measures.  I just sit and talk, like I am talking to the best friend I have ever had.  I let all posturing and presenting go, I am vulnerable and without boundaries…there is nothing hidden, after all how could there be.  I do not always go because I am in need, I go because I am thankful, I go because I simply want to connect to that greatness, the Spirit of all.  Not every day is profound, filled with moments of awe…some are boring and filled with the drudgery of life, but even on those days I make a point of connecting to myself and my God/Goddess on a personal level.  Whether it happens on my yoga mat, or deep in prayer, I reach out and connect for it feeds me, it makes me feel alive and whole.

Find a way for yourself, and do not lock yourself into the boundaries created by others.  Religion is but a mere guideline of how others have gotten to God.  In looking for your own path search, read, play and experience.  Take that walk in the woods, sit for an hour beside a brook, visit holy places whether they belong to your religion or not.  Experience these places for the divine doorways that they are.  Whether you have 5 minutes in front of a candle praying or a day on the water connecting does not matter….what matters is the vulnerability in which you approach the Divine.  Do it with all that you are, hold back nothing and expect to be heard.  We are all creatures of God and we are all valuable, Divine beings put on this Earth to Love.

Namaste (the light in me, salutes the light in you)….

spreading love-salicrow

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