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The Crown Chakra and Willoughby Lake

Anyone who has visited Lake Willoughby will agree that it is a sacred place, where the natural beauty is so awe inspiring you cannot help but feel connected to the web of life.  Willoughby is a glacial lake, carved out of the mountains that surround it,  it’s depth, which reachs 300 feet in some places is magnified by the cliffs of the Mount Pisgah & Hor .  These cliffs make development of the lake difficult and contribute to the deep serenity that one feels while visiting.

Energetically the feeling of connection is not solely the result of the surrounding mountains for Lake Willoughby is part of the Chakra ley line.  Ley lines are the energy lines of the Earth, in humans we would call these lines Meridians.  Both Ley lines and Meridians are basically energetic highways connecting points along the way.  Just as the Meridians are utilized to restore the body to its natural healthy state, Ley lines can  be used to restore the Earth to its optimum state of health.  Being directly on a major Ley Line is powerful enough on it’s own, but the points of power on this particular line are named Chakras.

The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.  In simple terms Chakras are energetic centers, in humans they line up from the root (just below the groin) to the crown (just above the head) & follow the spine.  Even though their locations are specific and pretty much in the center of our body, their energy reaches out and effects our organs, emotions and body as a whole.  So too does the Chakra points of the Chakra Ley Line.  The Crown Chakra which is located @ Willoughby lake spreads out to encompass, the surrounding area including my home town Newark & a good portion of the Northeast Kingdom.  Like spinning disks or wheels the Chakras radiate energy from their center.  The Crown Chakra is all about connection to the Divine and realizing there is something bigger we are part of.  Even people who claim not to be spiritual cannot resist the serenity &  divine presence of Willoughby lake.

*PLEASE NOTE-If you are interested in more information on the Chakra Ley Line read Gaia Matrix by Peter Champoux, it is available at the best price at the Dowsers store in Danville, VT

So what does it mean to be connected to the Chakra line and the Crown Chakra in particular?  Remember Ley lines are like energetic highways that cross & connect all over the planet like a giant spider web that is intricately crafted.  In my mind this means that whatever work I do on the web or Ley Line can easily be transferred all over the world through that web.  So work I do at lake Willoughby can be sent by way of the Leys to Lake Michighan or the Pacific Ocean rapidly like the spider traveling her web.  It is not practical for me to go to Hawaii or Japan to do my healing work, but I can make it more effective by standing in a place of power.  All you body workers out there & those of you who have been worked on energetically with Reiki or other various modalities know how effective  healing sent into an energetic center can be.  Ok, so what about the Crown Chakra itself?  Chakras are like energetic cities of the body.  Where the Ley lines and Meridians are like highway systems the Chakras are like the cities, places where much gathers…in this case the much is energy.  The Crown Chakra is directly connected to the Divine, God, Goddess, Planet, Super powerful it in the sky, etc.  So when we send energy into the Crown Chakra we are making a direct connection to a higher power. This my friends is exactly what we need to tap into to do some serious healing for the world we so love.  Another cool note about working with the Crown Chakra, is that everyone wants to be connect to the Divine or to something bigger then themselves.

I personally have been doing energetic work on a personal and group level at Lake Willoughby for over 20 years, way before I knew the terminology of Ley Lines and Chakras.  I was naturally drawn there to do works of Magic (science that has not been explained) whether that Magic be for healing or manifestation.  I often frequent the more secluded areas in the summer time to let go of what I no longer need, a kind of baptism in which I release the things that are no longer serving me and make space to welcome that which I am becoming.  I have a deep personal relationship with Willoughby, one that is spiritual yet fun and jovial…filled with summer time fun, good friends and family.

This Sunday the 13th of April I will be heading to Willoughby Lake, not for a dip as I am sure there is still a significant amount of snow & ice….but to connect  with the energy there, allowing myself to tap into the Ley Line and send out some powerful healing for the Waters of the World.  I invite you to join me in attending Spirit Tribes Blessing of the Water.  It is so important that we come together & send out love and healing to the Water of the Earth…we are Water!

spreading love-salicrow

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