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Stories of Spirit…The Long Story of War

As a child, I believed the Memorial Day parade was a celebration of my birthday; a belief my parents were responsible for.  Later, as a Brownie & Girl Scout, I marched in the parade and realized it’s true meaning.  I remember marching around town; in my uniform, carrying my little flag with pride.  I remember stopping at every graveyard, and listening as the trumpet played Taps, and the guns were fired.  I have always had great respect for Soldiers and the sacrifices they make; it was easy to understand their sacrifices; as my father was 100% disabled, due to his service in Viet Nam.

I started writing this morning, wanting to share a bit of remembrance; particularly for my father.  But that little bit, became a big bit, and a status on Facebook, just didn’t seem to be enough space for my thoughts.  I wanted to point out, that even though Memorial day is for Soldiers who die in war, I believe it should include those Soldiers, who die many years later from the wounds they received in that service.  You see; my Dad went on to live many years, after his time at war.  But the wounding he received, was still responsible for him dying at the young age of 62.

There are many, many, men and women who come home alive from war, but carrying wounds that will never heal…body parts missing, chemical exposure,  & emotional hell.  When my father died of C.O.P.D., Agent Orange was the leading contributor.  Now I will not tell you he was a saint, who never smoked, never drank, and only ate the purest of foods.  But I still say; Agent Orange was the #1 factor.  My belief is not based solely on Spiritual insight, there are many studies that back up this belief.  But as this is my page, and I am a Medium…I am going to tell you how I know.  I know because my Father’s Spirit told me so.

You see; when we die, we know what caused it.  I have had chain smokers, tell me they did not get cancer because of smoking, but because they worked laying black top for 20 years.  I have had Spirits show me, how their organs shut down, and then go on to tell me what in their lives caused it.  The one thing I have figured out about death, is we get to see what we did right and what we did wrong; when the game is over.  Another thing I know, is that war changes a persons soul, it leaves a mark; a token of remembrance.

War in many ways defines us, it separates us into categories…Those who have seen war, those who have loved someone who experienced war, and those of us untouched by war.  For those who have experienced war, it is etched upon the soul.  A soldier of war, often refers to their time in service as a benchmark of soul experience.  This comes up time and again, when I am doing Spirit Communication.  Now that my Father has passed, it also comes up in my other work (Psychic Readings & Healing).   The first time a Veteran comes to me for a Reading; my Dad is there to announce them to me.  “This one’s mine, Kid”.  It his way of saying, this person before you has experienced the trauma of war, take good care of them.

My Dad was lucky, he was able to have a family, and a life after his time of war…but in the end it was still what killed him.  Today, I would like to send love & appreciation to all of you who have experienced war, and a deep, heart felt hug, to those of you who have lost someone you love to it. Thanks for reading folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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