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Stomp your feet…

Some days you just want to stomp your feet and throw a temper tantrum for no apparent reason, or for a multitude of reasons that alone are no big deal but together make for a good old fashioned pisser.  My intention today was to write about cleaning & charging Crystals, but no matter  how many times I start I just can’t seem to get there.  As a general rule I am a serious optimist, who gets excited about little things…like the color of yarn and the first buds of spring, but sometimes the little dark space in the back of my mind steps up and says Fuck it…go stomp your feet and act like a wild thing.  Today is one of those days, the funny thing is I am so well trained by my own mind that I can pull out the pocket optimist when necessary and go about my day-get groceries, see clients & generally be alright.  It’s not really faking, although it certainly sounds like it…what it is is coping.  Learning how to cope with life’s little burdens is a serious skill, one we are definitely not born with.  Just watch a 2 year old for a while and you will clearly see that coping is not an ingrained skill inherited at birth.  It is something we are taught, something that develops over time.  Some of us develop healthier coping skills then others, but we all develop them.  Learning to deal with stress is one of the all time winners of self help books, blogs and media jargon.  Spend a few minutes stuck in the grocery store check out and you will see what I am talking about as at least one of the magazines set up for your impulse shopping pleasure will have tips on how to deal with stress.

So how do you deal with stress in a healthy way?  I would love to tell you that I hit the yoga mat first thing and breathe the shit out of it…but most of the time I don’t.  What I do is talk…I talk to my friends, I talk to my family,I  journal, hell I may even talk to myself.  Although as a Medium I seldom have to resort to talking to myself as there is always someone there waiting to listen.   Communicating our stress &  frustration is like having a weight lifted off of your shoulder.  It doesn’t always change the situation, but it does release it from our bodies & that my friends is crucial to health and well being.  For those of you non talkers, I highly recommend the journal.  In fact years ago I was listening to a NPR radio show on Breast Cancer and journaling.  The program was talking about how communicating your emotions has been proven to benefit healing and that journaling in particular is so successful because you can say whatever you feel at the moment without worrying about what someone else might think or feel.  The research was done with a group of women going through Breast Cancer, some of which journaled ever day.  What they found was that the women who journaled had a higher likely hood of survival as well as having lower side effects from the medication and higher likely hood of staying in remission.  Now I would love to give you the exact stats here, but I don’t have them…what I do have is the story and an opinion on it.  They believe the reason journaling was such a vital part of healing was that people were not holding onto their emotions, which can be like a roller coaster when going stressful moments.   I personally think this is something that is valuable to all people whether they have medical conditions or not.  Most of us walk around keeping all of our worries tied up tight in our bodies & those little worries add up.  The thing about stress is we can only handle so much & many of us never truly deal with our issues so we are carrying around old stress for no reason other then we haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up yet. Let’s look at the body like a drinking glass…if we have 1/2 our glass filled with old stuff we have never really dealt with, then that only leaves us 1/2 a glass in which we have to handle daily stress.  So clean out your junk, don’t let it build up.  If your not a talker get out the old pen and paper and go to town.  My favorite way to destress though is to talk to a friend, even if my worries are minor.  Don’t bottle that stuff up folks it doesn’t store well.  Ahh….I feel better already & hey look my internet is working.

spreading love-salicrow

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