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Spirits in the house….

As a Psychic Medium I get 1/2 a dozen phone calls a year from people who are having “things” happening in their homes.  These things (electrical items turning on & off by themselves, cupboards doors shaking, items being moved, hearing noises) can be alarming to the people experiencing them.  Me….I usually just get excited & hear the Ghost Busters theme somewhere in the recesses of my mind.   That does not mean I make little of the experience people are having, but more that I get excited to see what is actually happening as I have a different relationship with Spirits then most.  That being said I do not immediately believe that Spirits are involved just because someone is experiencing said phenomenon, in fact my first question to people when then call is “Do you have a teenager or someone with mental problems living in the home?”.  Yes you heard me right I compared teenagers to people with mental problems.  This is primarily due to the fact that both have a lot of extra energy and often cannot properly communicate their feelings and needs.   This lack of ability to communicate  can actually reach a point where it causes things to happen around the person.

Recently I was contacted by a  women who was experiencing high levels of spirit activity in her house.  She had lived in the home for quite awhile and the activity (lights being turned on and off & unexplained sounds) was recent.    Seeking evidence she video taped the area of activity and found it filled with orbs.  This led her to call me.  In answering my questions she answered “yes” to having someone with a mental disorder living in her home & the activity was consistent with this person having a hard time.   At first this seemed like a no-brainer, this poltergeist activity was being created by the imbalance of a person living in the house.    But that did not explain the orbs, and the women contacting me wanted to know what was going on in the house and what she could do about it.  So I packed up my toolbox & headed out to investigate.

My toolbox consists of a box of ‘rocks’ (crystals, river stones, ocean stones etc.), various forms of smudge & rose water.  I consider the Crystals my allies, they are my stones/ones I have worked with many times and in many ways.  The river stones & ocean stones are ones that I have collected from various locations and are often only with me temporarily.   I prefer my smudge to be grown & harvested by people I know.  Smudging a space is a necessary step in cleaning a place of negative energy whether that of someone passed on or someone living.  My toolbox currently contains a mug wort/cedar/sage mix (Spinning Witch Farm), Palo Santo from Ecuador (El Bilette) & of course Rose Water.

The house was an old duplex in a factory town with a lot of character.  Upon arriving I made my normal first stop to the bathroom as I am a caffeinated being and travel 1.5 hour radius in my work.  Upon walking out of the bathroom I saw the spirit of  a man dressed in green work pants and a white t shirt waiting for me.  He followed me down the stairs to the living room where I met with the woman who had called for my services.  “Well you definitely have Spirits” I told her and sat down to discuss what she was looking for and what I like to do.  The spirit of the man stood in the living room doorway at the bottom of the stairs actively waiting to see what I intended to do.  The thing about being a Medium is not only do I see them clearly, but they see me clearly as well.  He was aware that me being there meant something was going on.  I explained to the woman that I preferred to negotiate and that only twice have I actually had to ask a spirit to move on.  She was comfortable with this and said that she was not scared as much as needed to know what was going on.  After talking to homeowners I usually go straight to the basement.  Its my method to be thorough and I start from the basement and work my way up….but the man in the doorway was already talking away to  me.  He was dressed in work close and was telling me that he lived there without his family & that this house was used by more men then him.  The homeowner told me it had been a house for workers of the local factory.  He appeared to be about 55-60 years old, with thinning hair he had slicked back and had died somewhere in the early to mid 1970’s.  After finding out I was not planning on making him leave he wanted to show me around so instead of heading for the basement I followed him.  He took me to the top of the stairs to his room, which happened to be the room of the women homeowner I was working for.   As I was telling the women that we could put in rules of engagement for the spirit to make living more comfortable the spirit who named himself “Harold” told me that wouldn’t be necessary as he was a gentlemen.  He told me he never went into the bathroom and that he would not go into her room when she was changing as he was not that kind of man.  I have to say he was one of the most polite spirits I have ever encountered and truly held the qualities of chivalry.  He explained how he was there because of the unbalance in energy there and a feeling of protectiveness toward the women who had hired me.  He directed me through the rest of the upstairs until we reached the room where the problem was.   The problem as seen by the protective spirit Harold was coming from the room of a young woman who lived in the house who struggled mentally… upon entering the room that was obvious.

Having checked out all the rooms in the house I went back downstairs to start my work.  When I clean the energy of a house I am thorough.  I start in one room smudging and toning (a type of energetic singing) to clear up the energetic sludge that fills the space.  This energy is not always the result of spirit activity, houses can become heavy and filled with negative energy just as easily from people & events.  After clearing a room, I then replace the energy with that of a higher vibration & place one of my ‘working crystals’ in the room to hold the space.  I do this in every room as I move toward the most troubled area.  The working crystals hold the space so that negative energy can not slip back in behind me.  Think of it like chasing a cat through a room…if you don’t leave someone to guard the room you just left it will most likely slip in behind you to the room you are leaving.  The working crystals guard that space & make my work easier.  I like to herd the spirits & such into one room where I can properly interact with them, this makes my work easier.

The last room I entered was that of the young women who suffered from a mental disorder.  Upon entering I was able to read her from her room including the fact that she had suffered deep abuse at least 3 times in her life.  I could see this almost like I was reading a medical chart.  I could also see/feel the residue of dark energy that was connected to her from each of these incidents.  The incidents had fractured her soul and allowed for thought form attachments to adhere to her.   A thought form attachment is an energetic being that wants only to be fed…it’s food is the emotions created by continual abuse of self.  At this point I asked the homeowner to leave me in the room alone as I didn’t want to worry about her well being while cleaning the space.  I knew that I would not be able to clear the attachments completely as the person they were attached to was not there, nor was she mentally strong enough to resist the desire to call them back.  What I could do was clear up the room and put in protection to keep the energy more isolated to the room instead of the whole house.  As I began my work I opened the windows and started smudging, toning and moving the energy of self hatred and darkness out of the space.  The whole time I did this I could feel Harold outside the bedroom door guarding it.  When the room was clean I placed protective stones I had collected at the ocean above the doors and in window sills to hold the space & replaced the energy with a higher vibration of self love and healing.    This alone did not seem enough as I knew the young woman was vulnerable.  As I dowsed the room I noticed how much she loved dogs.  Her bedspread was of a black lab as was a cuddly blanket on the couch.  There was also a stuffed dog standing guard at the end of her bed.  I knew in looking at that stuffed dog that I had found her protector.  Her protector was that of dog in the loving, cuddly form and I knew just who I should call upon…my dog Kate who passed onto spirit this fall.  Kate was a dog who showed unbound loyalty and love, just what the young lady needed.  I charged the dog at the end of the bed with Reiki and Runes infusing it with healing energy and a bit of Katie magic.  The house cleared I collected my stone friends, leaving behind the ocean stones to hold space and create a bit of a buffer between the whole house and the energy of the young ladies room.  I know that this work alone cannot clear the deep level of suffering the young woman feels, but it can act as a control so that it does not run wild through the rest of the home.  In containing the energy the family can work more directly with the girl on her issues without having to feel overwhelmed themselves.  As for Harold…he decided to stay on as a protector.

I was really drawn to telling this story because it was so complex.  Seldom are house “hauntings” simple…very often there are layers upon layers to be explored.  Every home has a story to tell, and some have many.

Spreading love-Salicrow

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