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Spirit Tribe

Deep in the slumber of our soul we are waking with  a longing to find home, community & tribe!  Over the last 100 years our society has lost it’s way, creating a world of isolation.  With the birth of technology and global mobility the tribes of the world have been shattered.  People no longer rely on their neighbors to supply their basic needs & often no longer know the name of the people who live in their community.  This lack of tribe has created a vacuum in peoples lives, one that desires to be filled.  We cannot go back, but we can recreate TRIBE…


In essence Spirit Tribe refers to the people (living & dead) who we connect with on a soul level.  They are the family of our choosing, often entering our lives with deep unexplained connections.   In the past these people may very well have been members of our Clan or Tribe, living in our village or near by.  Now in a world of high speed internet and global travel our “Tribe” may be a bit more spread out.  But we can still find them and connect.

‘SPIRIT TRIBE’ is the soul child of the Crow Sisters (Salicrow & Sandy Crow), Melissa Manseau & Magpie (Corey Raynor).  It is our goal to help people connect with themselves and find their tribe.  Our offerings come in the form of Workshops, Online Classses & Webinars, Individual Healings, Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication, Bereavement Counseling, Sacred Travel, Life Passage Ceremony & an online Store featuring Artisan Crafted spiritual items.  When dreaming Spirit Tribe into existence we four started our focus on the world and what we wanted to offer to it.  We then moved ourselves backwards from world, to community to individual need.  We are all strongly dedicated to serving our planet & community with focus on the four pillars that sustain our work…HEAL, TEACH, NURTURE &  INSPIRE.  Above all we seek to help people find their way home to self & connect with their Spirit Tribe.

We are excited to share this path with you.  The next few months should be a whirlwind of activity, we look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

Creating Tribe-Salicrow, Sandy Crow, Melissa & Magpie

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