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Psychic Viewing…learning to See

I was 13 years old the first time I heard the word Psychic, until that point I did not have a  name for my ability to know things for that was simply how I saw it…sometimes I knew things.  I knew things about people no one had told me, I just knew.  Just like some people stood out to me as important, people who would cross my path again in the future.  I could look at things and see how they would be, I could do this with places as well as people.  I never thought of it as Psychic or seeing the future even, I simply just knew things.  The early development of my gifts was something game like and care free.  It was filled with sitting in front of the mirror with my sister Sandy talking to the people on the other side, these ‘people’ being Spirits of the Dead and our future selves.   I also played endless games of cards with my Grammy Brown, in which I thought she was cheating because I won so often.  In reality the games were a Psychic exercise, games to not only increase my memory…but to push my ability to see what was coming.

At 13 I read the Dead Zone by Stephen King.  It’s about a man who comes out of a coma with the ability to know things by touch, this sudden transition from nothing to strong ability was overwhelming for the character and I remember thinking I don’t want my ability to develop like that.  At that moment I laid a program for how my abilities would develop.  I wanted my abilities to open up smoothly, like a river flowing toward the ocean.  One in which I had control and could take a breathe to adjust when needed.  For the most part that has been the story of my life, although there certainly have been a few moments that felt like white water rapids.  At 13 something else happened…by reading the story of how Psychic ability opened for someone else I began to think about what it meant to be Psychic.  It was no longer just knowing stuff, I began to see patterns in that knowing.  I also began to notice how my body felt at moments of knowing…I would usually get sick to my stomach when I knew big things, emotional things.  I later realized that was where I blocked my ability, in my Sacral or emotional Chakra.

Over the years it has been interesting to see what I block from myself and where…I have learned a lot along the way, including how to look at things I have hidden from myself and how to look around other peoples blocks.  that being said, I make a point of not intruding on peoples lives.  I really don’t want to know things about people when standing in line behind them, and I chose along time ago to let go of what I do see about people who come to me for Readings.  It is not mine and I do not want to hold onto it.  I have gotten so good at this over the years, that I will often ask people who come to me for Readings if they have ever had their cards read before only the have them reply “yes, by you”.  Learning to not see has harder in many ways then learning to see further.  The one thing I choose to always see is Danger…dangerous situations as well as dangerous people.

This Danger sense is something I began teaching my children at a very young age.  When they were little I would ask them to tell me what they thought about people we saw in stores and other public places.  I in particular was looking to see if they could pick out the dangerous people, if their Psychic senses would trigger immediately or need to be honed.  Interestingly enough they picked up on it themselves without prompting in most cases.  This showed me that we all have an innate sense of danger, one that if acknowledged could serve us well.  This makes a lot of sense if you think about it…our Ancestors lived in a world where sensing danger in the wild was important to survival.  I believe it is still important to survival, but as a race we have overlooked and stomped down our intuitive abilities for way too long.  With just a bit of encouragement and exercise we can bring that ability back to serve us.

Start making it a practice to actually look at people.  Many of us walk around without paying attention to our surroundings or the people who enter it.  When you go to the store or the restaurant, do you make a point of quickly accessing the space your in and the people in it with you.  You should…I was raised by a Marine, so this one is common sense not Psychic know how.  The Psychic part is the way in which you access it.  First take in the room from a wide angle perspective-let your eyes go soft and look with your periphery vision.  This soft view allows our Third Eye (Psychic Center in the middle of your forehead between the eyes) to open, connecting us more deeply with our intuitive self.  As your scanning the room pay close attention to what you feel and where you believe it to be coming from.  This is similar to the directions I give for picking up on other peoples emotions.  In fact scanning for emotions is actually one of the things you are doing.  You are also registering how your body feels, if you suddenly feel tension in your body when scanning you need to ask yourself why?  Taking a few moments to tune into a situation or other people is a fantastic tool that we can all develop.  One that we can make a part of our daily life.

It’s important to remember that developing personal Psychic abilities is something we can all do and utilize.  It’s not all about looking into the future and talking to the Dead.  In fact for most people just tuning into their surroundings, understanding people  and connecting to the world around them will have a huge impact on their lives. Start with the day to day stuff, the things that will make the life you are already living better.  I read this great quote the other day, one that I think fits pretty well.  “The world needs you now, not when you’re perfect”.   Step out and enjoy the ride folks, utilize the gifts you have…remember we choose how we want our gifts to develop, I know I am happy to be riding the river.

spreading love-salicrow

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