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Psychic Protection in the Healing field…


A few years ago I was the guest speaker at a staff appreciation day for mental health workers.  As I looked out over the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the people in the crowd were over weight, drank too much or chain smoked cigerettes.  Recently I spent some time visiting loved ones in the hospital and saw the same thing  amongst the staff.  The compassionate, caring individuals who spend their days caring for others are often the same people who sorely lack in the ability to take care of themselves.  Often health care professionals are overworked and have a hard time letting go of their day when it ends.  This is impart due to confidentiality and not being able to discuss their day & the stress of carrying the emotional fear and frustration of others.  This stress pays its toll often leaving those in the healing field just plain spent.   When we don’t have enough time for ourselves and we carry around other peoples burdens we have a tendency to self soothe through food, alcohol, tobacco, etc.  Plus lets not forget high levels of stress dump extra cortisol into the system, making it hard to loose weight and dumping extra pounds into the belly area.

Why Empaths are easily drained–

Spending the day with others can be quite draining on Empathic people, particularly if that day involves caring for them.  This is the result of having no filter, or volume control.  Like the other senses, the 6th sense can be overwhelmed by input.  Just like our ears can hurt when exposed to loud noise and our taste buds can become inflamed if exposed to something too hot or too sour.  The difference between the 6th sense and the other senses is that most of us learn at a young age how to moderate the input to our hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell.  Our parents tell us to turn down the music as it will damage our ears, we learn that popping a jalapeno into our mouth is going to burn and that starring at bright lights messes with our vision.  The other senses are sociable acceptable.  We believe in them & science has proven them to be real.  Well you all know how I feel about science.  I love it, but lets face it there are plenty of things science claimed did not exist (like a round earth), that later were proven different.  The problem with being an Empath who works in the healing field is you are always being exposed to heavy duty emotions.  People in the hospital are scared, frustrated and overwhelmed…If you work in mental health, you are working with people with handicaps and mental disorders, schools lets face it children struggle to contain their emotions.  These situations are a guaranteed storm of emotions and the Empath working in them is being exposed 8+hours a day.

Carrying protection-


Remember being Empathic is a gift, one you need to  learn to control…

spreading love-salicrow

Heads up Peeps…For all of you health care professionals out there-I will be posting a workshop in the next couple of weeks designed for health care professionals.

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