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Natures Magnificents


I am in love with Nature. Now that is not to say that I am a back country enthusiast, but none the less I find Solace and inspiration in the beauty of Gaia (Mother Earth). There are many places that strike me with awe when I witness them and many of them I have the good fortune of living close to. I grew up in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire with avid hikers for parents. This being said we spent a lot of time in and around the Crawford Notch, one summer we even lived in a campground near there. The rawness of the Notch with its steep cliffs and deep valley still fill me with adoration. I have traveled through the Notch quite often recently on my way from Vermont to Maine to visit my son & am often overcome with the realization of how great the power of creation is, how small I am in the scheme of things and how unknown things still have small pockets to live in not far from the world of man. These are the places that pull me, the places where the wild has more sway then the tame. Here I find Awen.

Awen is the spirit of creativity, the divine spark, the sudden inspiration that fills you with awe. I have had this same experience in other places, like Willoughby Lake which is just a few miles from me. That lake with it’s steep cliffs keeps itself wild by its simple nature which leaves very little room for man to build upon. I guess I could say the wild inspires me. For it is teaming with Spirits of Nature that few seldom see. On my own property I have many sacred spaces: A large circle in the front meadow where I hold ceremony alone and with others, a private sacred space near the back of my house with my personal alter dedicated to the Goddess Freyja, and the wild space…the large outcropping of White Quartz behind my house where the fae are close.

Inspiration touches me through nature and the wild creatures that live there. I am not stirred with the desire to write poetry, or sing songs…but these places in Nature inspire me to wake others up. To shake them out of their slumber and point out the Nature Spirit they did not see. Take a good look at the picture that goes with these words. Look closely at the red patch of leaves in the center of the photo, allow your eyes to soften…see the Spirit of Nature that posed so nicely. I am in awe of Nature, I am in love with Nature & I am inspired by Nature and the unseen world….Awen!

spreading love-Salicrow

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