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Lost in summer….

For anyone living in the North the awareness that Summer is fleeting is ever present.  We often try to cram as much activity into it as possible, for we know like the Starks of Winterfell that ‘Winter is coming’.

My intentions to blog every Tuesday & Thursday were fine and good until Summer and all its glory hit me full force.  I have been ini dated with pleasure….visits with friends I rarely get to see, beautiful drives and walks in fantastic nature spots, family, family & more family.  I have also spent a good deal of time on my own spiritual practice.  As a Druid, Nature is my temple….whether it is riverside or my back yard, the land itself is so intoxicating this time of year that I sometimes wonder where the time has gone.  All the thoughts and insights I have intended to share with others has been absorbed into my very soul as I sit sometimes for hours just beingThe importance of Joy can not be overrated.  We are living in a time when most people feel the pressure of busy & doing.  These words have stepped up in our vocabulary to the pedestal of  glory.  Like good worker ants we often hear praise and acceptance from our peers when we answer “Busy!” to the common question of “How are you?”.  I myself am certainly guilty of this one.  When you have Squirrel on Crack as your dark totem, being busy is something that just happens…I don’t believe that I am in control of it at all times or that it is in control of me.  Does busy breed busy?  And how is this counter productive to a healthy life?  Now Joy…Joy is something completely different.  I think I am going to practice answering that common question of “How are you?” differently.  Instead of saying busy, I am going to say joyful and see what happens.  Does Joy breed Joy?  I can honestly say that this summer that answer would be true.  I am filled with Joy!

Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters….so with that being true my theory of Busy breeding busy & joy breeding joy should be true.  I welcome you to join me in this experiment.  Try taking the love and sunshiny goodness summer offers and carry it with you as you continue through the year.  After all we are just as busy in the summer as the rest of the year.  We are busy visiting friends, enjoying nature and its glory & even working hard in our gardens.  The difference in how we feel often comes from our attitude.  Now I know you can argue a little sun goes along way.  But here are the facts folks…if you live in the North, you live in the North….which means we have all different kinds of weather and most of us really do like this change of seasons.  We may not like the length of winter, but we do love the beauty and glory that seasonal change offers.  So choose Joy folks, loose yourself in Summer and then continue to loose yourself in the glory of Autumn & Winter & Spring….loose yourself in Joy.  Yes you will still be going to work and you will still be driving your kids from here to there, but you just might find you enjoy it more.  Me I am going to revel in JOY!


spreading love-salicrow

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