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Lessons on Living, I have learned from the Beloved Dead…

My Dad...Richard Arthur Brown who crossed  into Spirit December 27th, 2012

My Dad…Richard Arthur Brown who crossed into Spirit December 27th, 2012

I spend a lot of time communicating with Dead people, in fact there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not interact with at least one person in Spirit.  When I sit down to do a Seance (small group Spirit Communication) with people the first thing I tell them is to relax, that communicating with Beloved Dead means reaching out to the Spirits of those we have loved…our family & friends.  This reaching out to other peoples families often makes me feel like an honored guest at other peoples family reunions…reunions filled with tears and laughter.  Over the years I have learned many lessons from the Beloved Dead….lessons on letting go of grudges, the importance of holding family together & how Introverts and Extroverts communicate.

Family Bonding- make time to get together is the most common request I hear from the Beloved Dead….most often from the family Matriarch or Patriarch.  Often when the Mama Bear of the family dies or in some cases Papa Bear, the family slowly stops gathering.   I stress that most of the time this happens after the death of the Matriarch, that great mother figure of the family who pulls her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in around her.  With the death of the family hub often families stop making the time to gather for family dinners, celebrations and holidays.  Other things come up, life is busy and soon they cannot remember the last time they saw their brothers, sisters, cousins etc.  I realize that life is busy, but it is also short!  Time slips by and soon we are looking back, reminiscing wondering what ever happened to so & so.  My advice….Make the time!  I seriously cannot tell you how many times I have heard this from the Beloved Dead.  After all when you are on your own death bed, what will be the things you wish you had done more of?  I seriously doubt you will answer “work”.

Letting go of Bad Blood- this is a close runner up.  Let’s face it we don’t always get along.  We are a species filled with many different ideas of right & wrong.  We get our feelings hurt and we don’t always know how to forgive.  Well learn!  Learn to forgive, learn to release hatred, anger, jealousy and resentment.  For one these emotions eat at us, they often do more damage to the one harboring the feelings then the one they are directed at.  I acknowledge that sometimes there are things so horrible that happen between people that you cannot reconsile.  But often Bad Blood is a distorted thing that takes on a life of its own until we don’t really even know what the cause of it is.  Sometimes this Bad Blood is taken to the grave.  Healing of those wounds is often much harder when one of the people is on the other side of the veil.  That being said you can heal Bad Blood when one person is in Spirit.  In fact at least once or twice a month I will find myself doing family/friend counseling at a Seance.   When we die we often see more clearly.  We are able to see how our actions effected those around us, our emotions get toned down a bit and we can think more clearly.  For the living often the loss of the person who they had differences with is a heads up that they need to heal this.  Really it’s pretty simple…we cannot Hate someone we have never Loved.  We can dislike people we don’t know or disagree with their way of life, but Hate is a personal emotion, the ugly cousin of Love.  As much as I am honored to help families resolve Bad Blood from across the Veil, I highly recommend you take care of that shit before someone is dead.

The difference in communication between Introverts &  Extroverts-This is one of the most interesting things I have learned from the Dead.  In communicating with the Dead I have noticed that some Spirits are clear communicators…they could talk my ear off, filling me in on family stories, details of their life and often delivering their stories with the same words as they would have in life.  I often tell people one of the things that would keep me from doing a Radio show or any other live delivery is that if your family member swears like a truck driver….so do I.  If fact I recently opened a Seance a couple weeks ago with saying “Your Mother is saying she was a real pain in the Ass”.  I have to say this is a first that someone was so blunt off the start, but everyone started laughing and said that is exactly something she would say.  As much as I love the Chatty Cathy’s of the Spirit world there is a different way of communicating that I receive just as often….Images.  There are a whole other group of Spirits that show me vivid images, like a movie set of their life often showing me where they lived, where they worked, detailed images that I then describe.  Over the years I started to see a pattern…the ones that talked my ear off (who can often show images to go with their words) were in life Extroverts.  The ones who showed me the detailed videos of their life were  Introverts.  This information has been confirmed countless times by their family members.  I have taken this information and used it in my own life.  I am an Extrovert, anyone who knows me  knows I am seldom if ever without words.  In fact I think in words, in my mind there is an active dialog to accompany my thoughts that are also visual & layered.  But the key here is I think in words.  My husband is an Introvert, he often thinks in images and emotions…this fact makes it hard for him to communicate about highly emotional things at the drop of a hat.  The advice I would share here is learn to understand how your partner, friends and family communicate.  If they are Introverted chances are they are thinking in layered emotions and images, where the Extrovert is thinking in words, images and emotions.  When you need to communicate with an Introvert about something heavy or emotional, give them some time.  Tell them whats on your mind and then give them time to think on it and come up with the words…you will find your communication is much better, with a lot less hurt feelings.

These are only a few of the things the Beloved Dead have taught me, but I hold them amongst my most treasured gifts.  I make a point of having family dinner often, gathering with my family and friends no matter how busy my life makes me.  I also approach my communication with people with the Introvert/Extrovert communication in mind & I choose not to Hate.  That being said I do have people I have chosen to release from my life, but I harbor no ill will and genuinely wish for them happiness….for I remember that I have loved them and that no Bad Blood is worth creating the Karma that goes with it.   My advice…..Love!  Love boldly, fully  and with every atom of your being.  Filling yourself with Love is intoxicating, powerful and contagious.

spreading love-salicrow

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