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Journey of the Soul


Pilgrimage means spiritual journey.

When people choose to come to my house whether for a Psychic Reading, Spirit Communication or for Healing work they are making a commitment to themselves.  I know that they have decided to invest in themselves.  I do not think I own this, or that this only happens with me…but more that when someone chooses to explore themselves & expand their knowledge of soul they have begun a Pilgrimage.  The journey is part of the outcome, in fact I often think it is the most exciting bits.  The moment we step out and admit we are seeking to know ourselves better we open the door of possibility & that allows magic to happen.


So if you are seeking yourself do not forget the journey.  Remember that the road there is part of the experience.  You can’t help but think deep thoughts when you are heading out on such a journey.  This triggered awareness is a wonderful thing, often undervalued.  Plus you just may be exposed to beautiful things; things of magic, along the way.

spreading love-salicrow

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