Healing Ancestral Wounds…Lessons from the Beloved Dead


What are Ancestral Wounds?

Ancestral wounds are those that get carried out through generation after generation…they are often altered slightly and sometimes people don’t even realize they are repeating the same damage over and over again, generation after generation.  I recently did a Seance with a beautiful family who had lost a granddaughter & sister at a young age.  She had died at her own hands, but not through suicide.  Her constant abuse of her body had finally taken her life.  She was not an alcoholic or a drug addict, but simply had eaten way too much.  In the end her heart could not take the abuse anymore and she passed.  I found her story to be one that truly touched the core of Ancestral wounding for she had carried on a line of self hatred that had been carried down through the generations.  She was not the first in her family, but hopefully she will be the last.  When her family came to my table it was her grandfather who first came through.  He had deep apologies for the abuse he had put his family through living with him and his alcoholism.  He went on in detail and by communicating with him I was able to see how much he had hated himself and used that hate to lash out at others.  He talked about  his son and how he too carried the deep self hatred, and continued the ancestral pattern of self abuse and hatred.  Like his father he was an alcoholic who took his anger out on those who loved him most.  The daughter who was the Star of the Seance (the one the family had traveled so far to hear from) was not an Alcoholic nor was she abusive to others.  She saved her hatred for herself and she turned to food instead of alcohol.  In her life she could not see that her behaviors and mental dialog were kindred to that of her father & grandfather….it took death for her to see these things.  She was trapped in the cycle of abuse and carried the families Ancestral Wounds like those who had walked before her.  I was honored to work with this Spirit/Young Women, she had such great compassion and really wanted to make sure that her siblings knew that they had to stop this cycle so that it was not carried through to the generations to come.

How do we break Ancestral Wounds?

First and foremost we need to be aware that they are there.  My family has a long line of Alcoholism, particularly in the men of my family.  As a young girl when I began experimenting with Alcohol myself I made a pledge to myself that I would not drink if I was angry or sad.  This pledge was made with the knowledge that my family members had turned to Alcohol with their problems, something I did not want to do…for life is a balance of light and dark, filled with sorrow and hardship just as it is love and blessings.   Like I said identification is the first step, the second step is too stop hiding it.  The funny thing about Ancestral wounds as they are often the most staunchly guarded.  Somewhere in the back of our mind we believe that if we don’t talk about the wound it will go away.  But that is like saying if I ignore the infection in my arm it will go away…No, not true.  The infection left untended is going to fester and cause a lot more problems then if it is looked at and cleaned up.  So the second step is to bring it out into the light of day and clean it up.

Cleaning the wounds before the infection can spread-

Ancestral Wounds come in all shapes and sizes.  My sister discovered in a recent journey that she was carrying a Wound from my great, great grandmother Cora/Little Beaver.  Little Beaver had left the Blackfeet Reservation, she had tr