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Ghost Busters…

Over the years I have had the oppertunity to do quite a few house clearings.  In general I see this work as negotiation, as my goal is not immediately to ask the spirit to leave….instead I see myself as a peace keeper helping both parties come to an agreement.  That being said there have been a few times when the spirit or spirits needed to be escorted over.

When most people think of Haunted Houses their minds are filled with spooky scenes from movies and television shows.  As a general rule these are unrealistic visions of what spirit activity is thought to look like.  That same vein of fear is usually present in at least one guest when I show up to do a Seance.  This again is the direct result of bad horror movies and too much Scooby Doo.  I will admit there is a definate difference between attending a Seance and living in a house that has high spirit activity.  For one thing Seances are geared toward working with Beloved Dead (friends, family & ancestors).  It is also an activity that one chooses to engage in.  Living in a haunted house on the other hand is usually something people figure out after the fact.

As a Medium when I am called about spirit activity in a house I ask a couple of preliminary questions…1. Is there a teenager living in the house or someone with a mental disorder?  Many people laugh at this comparison, but the simple truth is that a great deal of what people percieve as spirit activity (loud noises, things falling off the shelf, door slamming) is actually poltergeist activity created by a person who is angry/sad/fraustrated and feels they cannot express themself.  Teenagers bombarded by hormones and the pressure of growing up often fall into this catergory, as does someone who is struggling with a mental or emotional disorder.  Question 2.  Have you started doing reconstruction on your home?  Often I find that spirits get displaced when the new owners start tearing down wall and remodeling.  Asking these questions in advance give me an idea of what is going to be the flavor of the evening.  As I said I like to negotiate, and solve the problem without having to be too pushy.  I do understand though how disturbing and down right scary it can be to live in a house with things that go bump in the night.

Over the years I have had the oppertunity to bring balance to a variety of ‘haunted houses’ but my favorite was definately not your typical spook show.   I was 30 years old and not even working professionally as a Medium.  The women who lived in the house got my name as a Psychic who might be able to help her.  One of the great things about being Psychic is I can tell if I am going to be able to handle the job or not.  The family living in the house had recently purchased it when the owner an elderly lady had been moved into a nursing home.  They had started some minor restoration, and were getting a lot of activity.  When they went to put up new wallpaper the next day it would be off the wall the glue not sticking.  They were hearing someone walking around in the upstairs bedroom and a voice calling mom in the middle of the night.  The mother of the house (who called me) even felt someone sitting at the end of her bed.  When I arrived at the house I used Reiki symbols on myself for protection…I believe in prevention over cleaning up a mess.  My investigation began with a tour of the house starting in the basement (my preferred starting place).  It was a clean, bright, cement basement in a house that was most likely built in the 40’s.  The mother of the house believed all the previous owners belongings had been removed, but under the stairs I was drawn to a suitcase…and sure enough it belonged to the previous owner.  We brought it upstairs as and inside of it was newspaper clippings and pictures.  What we discovered was that the lady now residing in the nursing home had raised a mentally handicap child in the house during the 50’s.  He had died about 20 years prior to her move to senior living.  As I finished the rest of my tour of the house and made it to the second floor, I could feel him.  I asked to be left alone in the upstairs room so I could talk to him.  It was a truly interesting experience.  First of all when I walked into the room, I saw him go hide in the closet…he was afraid of me.  I sat on the floor and started talking to him, telling him he didn’t need to be afraid.  I realized he could see the Reiki symbols I had placed on myself and I imagine to him they must have been glowing…kind of like something out of a movie.  After a while I got him to come out.  His soul was still holding onto its belief that he was mentally handicap.  He was really frighened because he didnt understand where his mother had gone to.  I realized that he was not going to pass over without her, nor would he to the nursing home to be with her.  I also realized that as soon as she died she would come and round up her son so he could transition with her.  When I explained this to the homeowner, she agreed to let him stay.   Then the negotiation began….he could stay, but was not allowed to sit on the end of her bed, tear down wall paper and scare people.  In all my work with spirit it is one of my favorite experiences I have ever had.  For he truly was such a gently soul and taught me a great deal about the importance of negotiation…

spreading love-salicrow

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