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Friday the 13th, Full Moon Magic…

The best things in life can happen when the moon is right…like connecting with the love of my life for instance.  25 years ago this year my husband and I connected on Friday the 13th under a full moon.  The story gets better from a twilight zone perspective as he also had a black cat.  It seems for us at least all that bad luck is a bunch of hogwash and I would confidently say I find Friday the 13th to be a lucky date.

In fact the whole deal about Friday the 13th being unlucky really has no backing.  Go ahead Google the shit out of that one, there is little to base the superstition on.  Some sources say it is because Friday itself is unlucky, it’s unluckiness being connected to not a good day to choose a long sailing expedition.  I can see the bad luck in this decision, as your crew is probably a bit sore over leaving port just as the weekend begins.  I believe in our culture which emphasis’ working mon-friday most people would disagree with Friday being unlucky, unless of course your boss wanted you to take on a big project Friday morning.  Others say the number 13 itself is unlucky having to do with there being 12.41 lunar cycles per year…so 12 full months and then that weird left over time. Here is where things get interesting…I have talked a lot about that time that exist betwixt & between…dawn & dusk, Beltaine & Halloween, that time between the dream and reality.  Well 13 fits right in with that energy & Friday the 13th with it’s hype and mystery even more so.  13 in Numerology breaks down to 13/4, which carries a strong vibration of stability.  It is a number of transformation, allowing us to change ourselves and leave behind that which no longer serves us.  Breaking down to a 4 it holds security and stability, which shows that this transformation will not break us as it releases us from that which holds us back.  Basically 13 is about stepping into your big, true self.  Friday is a day connected to both Freyja & Venus who are both Goddess’ of Love & prosperity….not so shabby. Next we add the full moon….Full Moons are symbolically connected to beginnings, making them optimal for starting projects and planting dreams.  The energy of the Moon is at it’s fullest making it a great partner in any manifestation magic.  Remember Magic is science that has not yet been explained.  When I talk about manifestation magic it is the same thing as prayer with intent, or mindful manifestation in quantum physics.  Science…particularly Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters.  When we focus our thoughts we become co-creators of our own destiny.  Focus is not always easy for some, so adding tools and allies helps us hold that focus and put more oomph into our work.  Full Moons, auspicious days (friday the 13th) & group consciousness help this process.  Yes there are many people out there rolling around in the doom of superstition, fearing the almighty Friday the 13th, but there are just as many strong minds out there who fear not change and choose to embrace their bigger, truer self.

In a nut shell, we have a rare line up happening this Friday, June 13th.  We have the energy of the full moon itself, which is great for new beginnings and fueling just about anything under its luminescent light.  We also have the numerlogical vibration of 13 which is fantastic for transformation, the high energy juju of friday with all its love & prosperity &  a dash of superstition wrapped around Friday the 13th itself. And lets not forget the rarity of the whole thing happening together (the last time it occurred was 2000, and next due in 2049).  I love rare happenings…Fantastic!

Here is what I am suggesting-

Head out doors, under the moon and meditate.  No candles, no fires, just you and the moon…sit and think about what you are wishing to let go of.  Remember transformation is a 2 part process-that which we are releasing and that which we are becoming.  As you contemplate the things that no longer serve you imagine them dissolving under the light of the moon.  Close your eyes & breathe deeply letting your lungs be filled, as you exhale release deeply from inside of yourself…Continue to breathe deeply, releasing the unwanted parts of your life on the exhale.  When you feel you have successfully let go of the mental & emotional connection to the junk you no longer want in your life, open your eyes.  Take a few moments to stare at the moon….as you do, allow yourself to imagine the change you want to see in your life.  What are you filling your newly empty emotional & mental space with.  What changes are you seeking to manifest.  Remember the work you are doing is both science and prayer….fill in the details to best suit your own spiritual needs.  Want incense and alter pieces, have at it.  Want hail Mary’s and prayer beads, go for it.  Prayer infused with intention is powerful indeed.  God/Goddess and your connection to them is yours to hold and treasure.  The more you connect the dots for yourself the more powerful your work will be.   Go play in the energy of the moon, let it fill you with the awe of creation…

spreading love-salicrow

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