Fire & Water

It has been an eventful Imbolc (Feb. 1-2 ) Holiday Season for me. Imbolc is a holiday that activates our internal fire, marking the time of year when we begin to see the return of the sun, with precious moments of daylight being added every day. As a Celtic Holiday it is often one that seems out of place for those of us who live in the far North, as we are by no means seeing signs of spring; at least in the flowers poking through the ground kind of way. Our signs of spring come through the rays of the sun and the shadows cast upon the ground.


Imbolc is a holiday associated with the hearth and home, and likewise our internal hearth and home. It is a time to put our focus on the causes that are near to our person, the calling of our heart, and the needs of our home. It is a time for activating dreams and stepping onto the path you wish to walk. This year it came with some extra goodness as it aligned within the three-day window of the Full Moon.

This year I could feel Imbolc coming and see it in the Wheel of the Year Readings I do. I could see that people on a large scale were about to level up! In almost every case I could see consciousness expansion coming in at Imbolc, that people were going to be pushed outside their comfort zone, made to look at their wounds, and challenged to step onto their path. I was no exception to this, for my wheel of the year reading showed the same. I have gotten to the point where I love these moments, recognizing them as opportunities to become more authentically myself and to activate the plan I created for myself before birth. I believe we are co-creators of our life, and that we make an outline of what we plan to accomplish, before birth. With this in mind I planned a multi-faceted ritual for myself to honor the activation I was stepping into.

I began freezing Full Moon Water. Most people are familiar with leaving water out under the moon to infuse it with the energy of Luna. Living in the north, I still leave mine out in the winter but expect it will become ice. Doing this is always exciting as you never know what your ice will look like in the morning. I have had times when perfect balls resembling the moon were present in mine. If you are leaving water out under