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Fire & Water

It has been an eventful Imbolc (Feb. 1-2 ) Holiday Season for me. Imbolc is a holiday that activates our internal fire, marking the time of year when we begin to see the return of the sun, with precious moments of daylight being added every day. As a Celtic Holiday it is often one that seems out of place for those of us who live in the far North, as we are by no means seeing signs of spring; at least in the flowers poking through the ground kind of way. Our signs of spring come through the rays of the sun and the shadows cast upon the ground.

Imbolc is a holiday associated with the hearth and home, and likewise our internal hearth and home. It is a time to put our focus on the causes that are near to our person, the calling of our heart, and the needs of our home. It is a time for activating dreams and stepping onto the path you wish to walk. This year it came with some extra goodness as it aligned within the three-day window of the Full Moon.

This year I could feel Imbolc coming and see it in the Wheel of the Year Readings I do. I could see that people on a large scale were about to level up! In almost every case I could see consciousness expansion coming in at Imbolc, that people were going to be pushed outside their comfort zone, made to look at their wounds, and challenged to step onto their path. I was no exception to this, for my wheel of the year reading showed the same. I have gotten to the point where I love these moments, recognizing them as opportunities to become more authentically myself and to activate the plan I created for myself before birth. I believe we are co-creators of our life, and that we make an outline of what we plan to accomplish, before birth. With this in mind I planned a multi-faceted ritual for myself to honor the activation I was stepping into.

I began freezing Full Moon Water. Most people are familiar with leaving water out under the moon to infuse it with the energy of Luna. Living in the north, I still leave mine out in the winter but expect it will become ice. Doing this is always exciting as you never know what your ice will look like in the morning. I have had times when perfect balls resembling the moon were present in mine. If you are leaving water out under the moon in freezing conditions make sure you leave plenty of room for expansion, only filling the container 2/3rds of the way. There is still the chance your glass may break, if it happens take the glass out and save the water anyways, it can be used for any kind of breaking spell, such as breaking bad habits or removing obstacles in your path. Most often I just drink the water over a period of days, taking in the essence for myself. This month I used the water in a bigger working.

I planned a ceremony at Lake Willoughby with my apprentices for January 31st, and because I planned to use the energy of Imbolc and the Full Moon to fuel some pretty big magic, I did not scrimp on my offerings. I bought bees-wax candles and a dozen roses, along with other offerings more personal and natural. I placed them on my kitchen counter and prepared for crossing the ice in the morning. Only the fires of Imbolc had another idea in mind for me.

At 2am on January 31st my husband woke me to tell me we had a chimney fire. It was not a startled awake experience but one in which he was very calm and I felt no fear. I got dressed and left the house with the cat, while he worked on putting the fire out while we waited for the Fire Department. I knew when I left the house that everything would work out, I noted the multiple offerings to Brigid on my counter and how she was the protector of home and hearth, as I turned on the car for warmth and began doing protection magic for my home. The Fire Department arrived in my driveway at 2:22 carrying the numerological calling card that things were being brought into balance and spirits were watching over me. The fire was put out without any damage to the house, or chimney. Not even any smoke damage! I gave thanks to my spiritual allies and promised I would show my appreciation at the lake.

I gathered with the Wyrd Weavers (my apprentices) at noon at Lake Willoughby; myself having many cups of coffee in my system as I had gotten back to bed at 5:30 and slept until my internal clock woke me at 7:30. We loaded up sleds with firewood, and offerings and began our trek across the lakeshore. For some, this was an act of courage as they had a great fear of walking on a frozen lake. The weather was cold, 11 degrees at crossing 15 when we came back 3 hours later. Bundled up and fancy we began our magic!

We spoke our spells and sang to the fire, water, and spirits, giving thanks for what we have gained and asking for blessings on that which we are seeking in our lives. For me this was a powerful moment of giving thanks for the wyrdness of my life, for the safety of my home; spared by the fire, and for the beauty of the moment we are living in. I then spoke my own words of magic calling to me that which my heart desires. As each of us shared our magical desires it was clear that these witches understood how important the moment was. No one wished for frivolities, each and everyone asked for something real, life-altering and profound.

We anointed ourselves with the melted Full Moon water I had collected earlier and share the remains with the lake. We then filled the jar with water from one of the springs that feed the lake. Our work for the day done we sat around our fire and enjoyed each others company; something that is truly a treat in these pandemic times.

When collecting sacred water make sure to center yourself before doing so, ask permission and give thanks when you are done. It is also important to remember not all water is potable, so don't drink it unless you know it's safe. Sacred water can be used to anoint our chakras without any risk of getting sick.

My magic did not end there! When I got home I took the remaining roses from my ceremonial headdress and used them to make ice art/candle holders that I placed in the middle of Nagini (the stone snake) earth altar in the middle of my yard. I trekked across the snow this morning to set them in place, and will continue my magic throughout the next few days!

My spell will continue to be woven throughout the next few days, with water, fire, ice, and sunlight. May your magic be potent! May your soul feel the stirring of the earth beneath you, may the crisp air bring you inspiration, the fire of Imbolc fuel you, and the water bring you fluid motion and comfort.

spreading love-


For those of you wanting to go deeper into magic-

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