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Cartomancy is the practice of divination in which the 'Seer' makes predictions based on images displayed on cards; while Tarot Reading are the most popular form of cartomancy, Oracle Cards and traditional Playing Cards can also be used. The use of cards in divination became popular in the 14th century, shortly after playing cards were introduced; most likely due to how easily the images inspired insight!

Cards have been a constant in my life! As a child my grandmother used Playing Cards in her readings, often incorporating her own inquiries into her favorite game; Solitaire. As a teenager I began carrying playing cards in my purse and often would just sit and shuffle them as I sat chatting with my friends. At the time I didn't really know why I carried them, as I was not a big game player, in fact, I don't think I ever pulled them out for that use. I simply liked to shuffle them. Now, I look back at it as a memory of the future; something inside of me knew how important a roll cards would play in my life! Something that proved to be true by the time I was 18, and my future husband brought home a deck of Tarot Cards to study. The cards became mine and set me on the path of my life as I know it now...

My fourth book is on it's way to publication; having been recently approved by my publisher and it's all about Cartomancy!

Playing Cards; while offering the least symbolism, have the benefit of being ordinary and for the most part above suspicion. They are also cheap and easily accessed, available for purchase at most drug stores and mini-marts. This accessibility and acceptability made them popular for many 'home-psychics' who told fortunes to their family and friends, around the kitchen table. Playing Cards were a popular divination tool before the days of the internet; when purchasing Tarot Cards meant first finding them, and Oracle Cards were not yet a thing. While some folks still prefer to use Playing Cards, Tarot and Oracle Cards far outsell them in Oracular use!

Oracle Cards come in hundreds of varieties as their simplicity and ease of use make them approachable to all. Whatever your interest or spiritual beliefs, you are sure to find an Oracle deck geared toward your needs. Oracle Cards are great for daily divination, checking in, and getting a broad overview of a situation. Most often Oracle Cards are used for personal inspiration, and guidance. I have many Oracle Decks and often have one or two available for folks to check in with themselves at any event I hold. At home I usually have one Oracle Card and 3 or 4 Tarot Cards on my personal working altar. I leave them there for a week to a month, and find looking at them over the long haul often gives me greater depth of understanding.

Tarot Cards are; in my opinion, the real-deal of divination through cartomancy, offering intricate images, laden with symbolism. The Tarot can be a bit intimidating for this reason, and often people explore Oracle Cards before making the leap to the Tarot. That being said, if we approach the Tarot as a storytelling tool we will find that the images on the cards are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to share their knowledge. Books upon books, website upon website shares details and angles of approaching this wonderful tool, with many of the images designed to trigger our consciousness; whispering in our mind, deeper knowing!

Over the next year, as my latest book goes through it's birthing process, I will be sharing bits of advice on Cartomancy, and how exploring the cards; be they Oracle Cards, Tarot, or Playing Cards, can help with developing our personal wisdom and intuition. For those of you who cannot wait for these teachings, search tarot in my blog search and you will find a smorgasbord of offerings within these pages.

spreading love-salicrow


THIS SATURDAY- January 20th 10-1pm

The Pearl, 301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

We are living in changing times, in which many of us are seeking a deeper connection to our intuition. In this hands-on workshop, Salicrow will help you develop a deeper connection to your psychic knowing through practical means; available to all in their everyday life!

*Amplify your psychic potential through practical techniques

*Go deeper in your journeywork practice

*Learn how proper recording and review help us develop our psychic potential

*Develop a practice that can be utilized in your own life.

FREE...IMBOLC Ceremony & Guided Meditation

Facebook LIVE

Wednesday, January 31st, 8pmEST

Join Salicrow, Psychic Medium for this magical LIVE event to celebrate Imbolc and activate the personal light inside each of us! Imbolc is one of the holy days of the WHEEL OF THE YEAR (pagan solar-calendar), celebrating the return of light, home & hearth, and the light within ourselves. It is also a sacred holiday of the Irish Goddess & Saint, Brigid.

*Guided meditation/journey to connect with our internal flame


*Candle Magic

*Sacred Chants for Fire Magic

Set up your altar and participate in the ceremony LIVE, or watch along and recreate your own Imbolc ceremony later!

YOU WILL NEED- a candle, incense, water (moon water ideally-full moon is January 25th), your working altar, a piece of paper, pen & Book of Shadows (sacred journal).

OFFER ENDS January 31st

In Person & by ZOOM

Start the NEW YEAR with a map...

The Wheel of the Year Reading designed by Salicrow, Psychic Medium offers an overview of the year to come. Because knowing the path ahead makes navigating the road a lot easier!



Through 25 years of group teaching and apprenticeships, I have come to recognize that each person’s psychic talents and magical interests are unique.  While group workshops are perfect for casual learners seeking to expand their consciousness, and experience like-minded people, some seek something beyond introductory level understanding.  Those are the people I am looking for!

*Are you looking to focus on your magical intention, learn self-study techniques, and open your psychic potential?

*Do wish to create a magical practice that enhances your life?

*Are you called to pursue the psychic arts professionally?

*Do you currently work in the psychic arts and seek advanced education?

*Are you a psychic educator seeking guidance in course development?

*Are you willing and able to make a commitment to your magical studies at this time?

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