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The beginning of the year is much like the birth of a child; something my assistant V reminded me of this morning. It requires us to approach our big plans a bit more forgiveness as we are moving slow, transitioning from one thing to another. Simultaneously a time of reflection and envisioning, the crossing of the year is a time of power in which we can lay down plans for the year to come.

2024 is an 8 (2+0+2+4=8) in Numerology...

Eight is a numerology focuses on SUCCESS THROUGH DEDICATION. In short, what we put our attention on is what we will manifest; regardless of whether we are trying to manifest it, or anxiously stewing over it. 8 is a powerful number vibration that is best utilized through a focus on our life's purpose at this moment. I like to say at this moment, because throughout different points in our life that focus can shift.

This is a great time to revitalize or start a daily spiritual practice, as a way of keeping our focus. Prayer, meditation, journeywork, divination, yoga, and spell work are great ways to build a daily practice. I personally need a practice that varies day to day; some days its yoga, some days its a long soak in the tub while listening to trance music, and somedays its full on spell work!

Altars, vision boards, and Pinterest boards are great visual reminders of the work we are doing and where we choose to place our focus.

It's important to remember that manifestation is not limited to what we want to see happen, but is the direct result of where we place our thoughts; which means if you are focused on all the shit in the world, that is what you are going to be manifesting!

Remember this is a powerful year of manifestation...

Magic Happens!

spreading love-salicrow

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