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The Wisdom Keepers  
Salicrow's Spiritual Community


About The Wisdom Keepers

Community is a key ingredient to living a quality life, particularly in these changing times of psychic evolution and climate crisis.  The Wisdom Keepers is my spiritual collective that exists both online, through Facebook and Zoom meetups, and on the land here at Solstice Meadow.  It is curated to be a place of knowledge, support, and magical growth, offering opportunities to learn, and develop within a strong, supportive environment.  Here are some of the things offered...


*Weekly 40 min-1 hour live videos with Salicrow covering energetic and magical topics (All videos are recorded and can be found in the Wisdom Keeper's Facebook group).

*Exclusive offerings and discounts

*Energy Exchange opportunities in which you can connect and trade services with other Wisdom Keepers

*Parties and Gatherings, both on the land @ Solstice Meadow and online through Zoom.

*A private marketplace; weekly, for barter, trade, and sale with other Wisdom Keepers in a supportive atmosphere.  (We have birthed a few businesses over the last year and a half).

*A fabulous community!

*Investment-$10 a month.

The Wisdom Keeper's group is a private Facebook Group. You will need a Facebook account to participate. 

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