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Embracing the Lovers

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Lovers is a swoon-worthy card, filled with passion and intimate connection that has the potential to go deeper than our libido. While 'The Lovers' is definitely a passion-filled card it is also one of emotional connection and expansion of consciousness. It speaks of relationships that elevate our minds and push us into expanded consciousness.

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck we see this potential for elevated consciousness represented by the angel in the background. In this image, the man representing ordinary consciousness is looking at the woman who represents the subconscious, who in turn looks to the angel representing our super consciousness or higher self. The old snake in the apple tree bit & firey bush are reminders of the wisdom and temptation that lies within the complexity of such relationships.

In my thirty-plus years of reading cards for the public as a psychic medium, I have found that The Lovers ask people to examine their relationship's full potential; seeing not only communication but sexual intimacy as a way of expanding consciousness. Any of you who have had the fortune of having an extended-sexual-orgasm will know exactly what I am talking about, as the ecstatic state it creates is often a gateway to higher consciousness, for in such moments our kundalini is awakened and we are able to perceive situations with greater clarity, and understanding. While it is not a controlled state of questions asked and answered, it is often one in which a deeper understanding of one's self and psychic abilities can be perceived.

While most people getting a reading will experience the Lovers in their more mundane form; speaking of the connection between intimate partners, and how it can help them to grow and expand as a person, there are those for whom the card is referring to spiritual evolution, and the ability to use our sexual potential as a tool to doing so. In this latter form, the partner does not necessarily need to be another person, it may instead refer to our multi-faceted self or the spirits we work with, and our ability to reach higher consciousness through an ecstatic state. (While sex is one way to reach an ecstatic state it is not the only way; dance, breathwork, yoga, and vocal toning are some of the other ways such a state can be achieved).

When working with The Lovers as part of our soul evolution; following the path of the Major Arcana, we have reached a point in which our growth of consciousness has asked us to explore temptation. It is asking us to harness our potential and move beyond carnal lust. It asks us to move beyond our loins so that we may truly embrace our lover. This means stepping fully and deeply into a relationship; whether it be for the short term or long, to embrace the experience consciously that we may bring our mind and soul into the experience of lovemaking.

In such an act we are not required to be 'in love with someone, but it is necessary to trust them and care for them. In truth, that's pretty good advice in general. If we wouldn't trust the person to be in our home without us being there, we may not want to let them into our being so easily!

spreading love-


*This is part of a 22 part series, you can find the first 6 on my blogsite-


(looking into your life-past/present/future)

(designed to look at your souls work in this lifetime-what you are here to do)

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