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embodying the High Priestess

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

While I can certainly relate to all of the Major Arcana cards it is the High Priestess that I choose to emulate, recognizing every moment of life as a chance to engage with the sacred. This is not something I have always done, but something I have chosen to embrace, something that has become more a part of me over the years. Traditionally the card is one that asks us to move through our life thoughtfully, reflecting on the knowledge our intuition brings to us. It is a powerful feminine card embodying the receptive knowing we all have within us.

For me, the High Priestess is a lifestyle; one which asks us to live our life consciously, to contemplate events and ideas as they are presented to us in a calm, thoughtful manner. She asks us to see ourselves as holy and to engage with the world around us as if all life is sacred. She recognizes that the world around her is much more complicated and layered than it appears and so too are the obstacles and inconveniences that appear on her path. Everything holds an opportunity to connect more deeply with oneself and divine consciousness.

As a witch, I understand the commitment to self-development and expanded consciousness that the High Priestess lives by. She does not take things at face value, instead she questions and meditates knowing that things are not always as they seem and that every story has a backstory that plays into the main. She seeks enlightenment and in doing so she must become softer, more fluid, and open to otherworldly contact. She desires an understanding of situations, that she may know it in its truest fashion, and make her decisions from a place of clarity. Often the High Priestess can seem aloof as if she is beyond the problems of others, but in truth, she has learned to emphatically protect herself, that she may be of service to others without drowning in the emotions of others.

Embodying the High Priestess to me means living a life of purpose, in which I see everything as an opportunity to become closer to 'Source' (god/goddess/collective consciousness) and the true nature of my being. I work magic and sacredness into everything I do. My bathtub becomes a sacred cauldron in which I submerge myself for deep contemplation and trance work, my kitchen stove becomes a magical laboratory where I can infuse my food with love and healing, and my wardrobe becomes a place of sacred adornment in which I prepare myself daily for the world. This way of being is not limited to the actions I take, it is in truth most dominantly embodied through my actions, the way I choose to respond to people and the troubles of the world. I am more compassionate and calm when I remember I am the priestess, more thoughtful and long seeing; knowing that things are seldom as simple as they appear at first sight. The High Priestess asks me to be more...

When the High Priestess shows up for you in a reading she is asking you to step into your higher self, to become thoughtful in your actions and deeds. It is a time to work on your composure and boundaries that you may reinforce your ability to stay balanced and grounded while opening your consciousness to receive more. This is a tricky thing, as often people feel overwhelmed when their psychic knowing begins to open, as they are bombarded by emotions and knowledge that does not necessarily belong to them. The High Priestess reminds us that through ritual and repetitive practice we can strengthen our inner being and learn to navigate the flow of knowledge with grace. She asks us to step back from the situation and examine it from a higher perspective, and most of all she shows us that we are holy in our own right!

We must honor and value ourselves if we are to evolve. We must strengthen our boundaries and acknowledge that we are co-creators of our reality. Following the path of becoming the Major Arcana offers to us we gain a true sense of the sacred from our engagement with the High Priestess. Where the Fool gave us the courage and faith to step onto the path, and the Magician showed us we had gathered the tools to truly begin, the High Priestess reminds us we are worthy of the path!

spreading love-salicrow


(Embodying the High Priestess is part 3 of a 22 part series on the Major Arcana)

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