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Dreamland and the Spirit of Place

There have always been river holes, lakes, trees, and forest clearings that have called to me with a feeling of kinship; places where I could truly be myself, where I felt I somehow belonged. We all have those places, places where we just feel good, places where we can reconnect with the part of us that is ancient, soulful and alive. The level of relationship I had with such places changed intensely when I began my Druid training in 2008, and was introduced to Dreamland and the concept of Land Deities, Divas, and Genius Locus (the spirit of place).

Druidry is a spiritual practice that promotes harmony, connection and reverence for the natural world.

Druidry gave me a language for what I already perceived in nature, as well as concepts I had never thought of before; like how talking to a tree is really no more difficult then talking to the dead, we simply need to change the channel or frequency from which we are receiving. As a natural psychic medium I had experienced nature spirits before my introduction to druidry; but like my early experiences with the spirits of the dead, it was random and most often due to their desire to have me see them, or being in a place where the veil was so thin that one must be psychically blind not to perceive them. The techniques that I was introduced to through the Green Mountain Druid Order were like new toys that were easy for me to master and I soon found that I could focus my psychic lens to see those spirits of nature.

Most of us are desperately looking for something that makes us feel connected, particularly in this technology heavy world. Nature is in my opinion, one of the most 'natural' places to feel this connection. We are part of the world around us, whether we see the spirits of the land or not, they are there and they 'see' us. We must remember that this is their world as well, albeit they exist in a different dimension, we still share space.

Over the years Dreamland has emerged; it's natural potency and beauty enhanced through the sacred art of geomancy. Over the years a stone circle, labyrinth and a fairy well have been erected on the land, working as magical aids to the spirit of place that is Dreamland. To those who love and care for Dreamland it is more than a place, it is a magical destination where we can connect deeply to our love of the planet and commune with the Fae-beings who have much to teach us.

Geomancy is the art of placing stone, buildings and the like to bring about positive energetic flow.

I recently returned to Dreamland; as guest Druid, spending a weekend with the Ovates (students in their second grade of druid training). I had not been there since this summer when I helped erect the fairy cairn around the old well on the property, and was anxious to see how the the Geni Loci (spirit of place) that is Dreamland, and all of her inhabitants were faring with this new energetic enhancement.

The well has always been my favorite spot there, and the spirits of water were the first to reach out to me when I began my training years ago. It has always been the place I needed to go when ever I visited the land of my Druid community. Water is a natural vessel of communication, it has ever been used by the 'Seer' as a means to open the mind and receive guidance from the world of spirit as well as the inner workings of ones mind. The enhancements made to the erection of the Fairy Cairn was palatable.

When I opened myself to the spirit of the well, it flowed through me like a cosmic stream of possibility. I waited until most of the others had wondered into the woods before I made personal connection to her. As I sat on the edge of the water; listening to the steady sound of the drum being played by one of the Druid teachers, I opened my consciousness and tuned into the vibration of the well itself. As I looked into it's reflective surface I was immediately brought to tears as the I clearly heard "I have always loved you". The deeply personal connection I felt to the spirit that resides in/is the well returned to me with so much depth that it brought me immediately to tears, and then I returned my love...opening my voice and my being to connect with all that the well had to offer. Most of my intake or communication was without words; more of a download of information, my mind being filled with stories the land needed to communicate, stories that were not just of this sacred place in Vermont, but of the land itself...the planet, particularly the water!

The hows and whats of what I absorbed are mine to digest, and do as I will. But the fact is, this feeling of belonging, of commitment to the land, water, and air is one that we can all find for ourselves. We can find it by spending time in nature, whether it be in our backyard or in the middle of a stone circle. We can open ourselves to the quiet that nature has to offer us, and allow our minds to be filled with the stories she has to share. Working with the spirits of the land, seeing all beings as sentient, is not only an these times it is a necessity. We must open minds and remember that we are not the only ones concerned about the state of our planet. The beings of nature have been stepping out from behind the veil, making themselves known, demanding acknowledgement, for they too feel the time of transition is now, that we must step up and do our part. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

For those of you seeking guidance on how to make a deeper connection to the spirits of the land I recommend checking out the Green Mountain Druid Order. They offer courses both in person/on the land and home study. Here's a link...

spreading love-


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