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Aura hide & seek

Years ago I was inspired to work with my Aura as a sensing device while skimming through a book called the Tiger’s Way.  The bit I was reading was on how Vietnamese scouts would hide their Aura while in the bush as well as keep watch through vibrations or action coming into their own Auric field.  At the time I was working with a small group of women around techniques in energy work.  For almost 3 months following we would get together weekly and work on sensing through our Aura.

Standing in the center of a 15′ circle the person scouting would stand blindfolded.  The rest of the people playing the game would walk around them several times, clapping their hands so to create disturbance and make it harder to tell who was standing where.  The announcer would then tell them to stop and the person chosen as the intruder would enter the Aura  stepping forward quietly holding a dowsing rod.  As soon as they hit the Aura of the scout they would stop.  The announcer would then declare that there was someone standing in the scouts energetic field and they were free to find them.  The scout would search their Aura from their point in the center.  Most often using their hands to search energeticly as the spun slowly around the center of the circle.  Once finding the location of the intruder they would further try to identify them.  As our games progressed we moved onto the intruder throwing their Aura mentally so as to be harder to find.

The interesting discoveries that came out of these games were many.  Some people were really good at searching, where others were better at hiding.  One of the most surprising things happened while we were playing at a friends house.  There were trees in part of her circle and Various people while playing the part of the Scout would stop at the apple tree, and say my name.  They sensed the apple tree in their circle and always thought that its energy was mine.  This led us onto another series of games in which first I hid in a cluster of apple trees as a blindfolded person was led quietly through the trees and asked to find me….they couldn’t.  When I moved onto a group of cedar trees I was found every time.  We realized as we all took turns hiding and detecting that some of us blended with one type of tree and others with other trees.  This bit of knowledge always brings my mind to thinking about wands in Harry Potter and how they were made from differant wood, bits and peices.  As a wand is truly suppose to be an extention of the hand, it only makes sense that linking our energy to that of trees, stones and such that share an energetic wavelength with us would be truly magical.

I love the idea of learning through play.  It speaks to the Bard in me and totally grooves with my personality having been taught psychic development likewise by my grandmother.  I believe we are here to explore our psychic limits, keeping in mind…In all things harm none.  I believe that by opening ourselves to our full potential we can truly make a differance in our own lives in in the lives of others.  The games I played around psychic sensing helped me to open my senses allowing me to feel with my mind and aura as well as be felt.  Ah..the ramblings of a Spiritual Adventurer….

spreading love-salicrow

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