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Altered Reality & Becoming a Healer

When I was 15 years old I had my cards Read for the first time.  Everything I was told came true almost immediately except for one thing…I was told I would receive an inheritance from a white haired man & that it would not be money.  Now at 15 that news was quite disappointing, because a financial inheritance seemed very enticing if unlikely being of Gypsy stock.

I waited many years for that inheritance, not sure what it would be or if I would even notice it.  Then when I was 28 I received my inheritance from a white haired man…I was given my first Reiki attunement.  The gift I received was the ability to heal with my hands.  Even more ironic was the fact that Reiki is a lineage art, meaning it is handed down from Master to Student and can be traced back to the founder Mikao Usui….making it an inheritance.  I can’t honestly say that I always wanted to be a Healer in fact up until shortly before meeting my Reiki Master it didn’t even cross my mind.  Growing up I never wanted to be a nurse or veterinarian or the other things Healer folk like to do.  I was a seamstress & designer who wanted to make cool clothes and Read cards on the side because I was good at it.  Then one afternoon in the summer I was overcome with a desire to walk out into the woods & call upon the Goddess.

I walked down a trail into the woods beside of my house…I just got up from whatever I was doing and felt a spontaneous need to connect with the Divine.  There was a spot in the woods that I loved, it was a place of power where the Earth energy was high.  Later when I learned the terminology of Dowsing I realized it was a nodal point on a ley line and was perfect for connecting with the energy of the Earth.  When I got there I was over come with the desire to strip naked.  This is not a common act of mine, in fact I have only felt the need to be bare before creation in ceremony a handful of times, times when the world stilled and my work was more then me…times when Reality was altered.  I had no plan, I didn’t even know why I was drawn to that spot or why I was overcome with the desire to reach out to the Divine….but I did.  I reached out from deep within my soul and asked for the ability to heal with my hands.  I remember standing beside myself in my mind thinking “Really, I am really asking for this?”  That moment, like the other handful in which I stood bare before my gods was a pivotal point in my life.  My ordinary reality took a step back and my higher self stepped up, doing the talking and putting actions in motion.  When I left the woods I really didn’t think about my request much, until months later when I found myself learning Reiki.

I became a Reiki practitioner because I wanted the side effects…Psychic self defense & clearing out blocks in my chakra system so I could channel more energy and have more clarity in my Psychic endeavors.  I remember telling my Reiki Master that I had no intention of becoming a healer.  I find this quite amusing as I began doing Reiki on others immediately after getting my first attunement.  I started offering it up to anyone and everyone who had physical or emotional ailments.  I still try to step away from being a healer, quite often saying I am not going to do Healing work anymore but instead focus on my Readings and Spirit Communication…my husband always laughs about this point as he knows I will not actually step away from it, no matter how many other good healers I know.  Healing work for me is something outside of my reality.  I did not choose it, it chose me & it won’t let me go.  I know I have been a Healer in many other life times, that was obvious by the fact that I started doing Shamanic techniques as soon as I started doing Reiki…feeling the need to blow into peoples Chakras and pull things out of their Auras.  I even started doing Sound Healing because I remember doing it in another life time.  All that being said, I did not choose to be a Healer this life time.  It is something with a mind of its own.

I have not regretted my Healing work and I have a great love for Reiki…in fact I have my Reiki Master in 6 schools of Reiki, as well as being a practioner of Rune Valdr & Sacred Sound work.  I love teaching others Reiki and how to heal with their hands as well as opening their minds and broadening their reality.  None of this do I regret, but I do sit from time to time and wonder how I got here…how did I end up on this road.  I think the answer lies in Reality, alternate reality…expanded reality.  I didn’t have the desire to become a healer, but some Sali in some reality did…or my higher self knew it was for my greater good and just set out to see it done.  I know I am a pretty open vessel and an easy channel which makes it easier for the universe to use me.  I believe we all have this connection to our higher self, that allows for our reality to be altered from time to time when the cause is good or the situation necessary.  I am thankful for the ability to heal, I am thankful for the ability to share healing with others as a practitioner and teacher.  I am amazed at the universe and the force that works through us mere mortals, shifting us about from time to time as necessary.

This was not at all what I thought I would write about today, but I spent my morning teaching 3 talented empathic people Reiki.  I also shared some words of advice from my Reiki Master….”Reiki has a mind of it’s own”.  You do not know how it will shape you, or what your personal work in healing will be until you embark on that journey.  To be a Healer means you have to look at your own shit and see the things about yourself that need healing.  Through my work as a teacher of Healing Arts I have met people with fantastic gifts and witnessed the road open before them taking them to their work.  I can not say enough how thankful I am that my inheritance was not money…it would have paled in comparison to the gift of channeling energy.  I am ever thankful for the ability to share it with others.

spreading love-salicrow

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