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A Crystals journey from Irene to Fukishima

I have a deep connection to Crystals and consider stones amongst some of my finest allies in healing and magic.  I do communicate with them, not in the same way I communicate with humans or spirits of humans…but in a deep viewing/knowing within my minds eye.  They relay messages to me in snap shot images and feelings.  Crystals have a way of finding me and often I am only the temporary care taker until they need to move further along their journey.  I have climbed into display windows to purchase crystals that spoke to me and traveled great distances to stand within Stone Circles.  The story I choose to tell you now is that of one Crystals journey or at least the part I got to play in it.

Shortly after Hurricane Irene I was scheduled to do a Psychic party in North Umberland, NH.  I gave myself extra time for travel as I was unsure how the roads would be, with wash outs and debris from the storm.  I got into the area about an 45 minutes early and decided to stop at a permanant “yard sale”.  The shop was in a little shed on the side of the road.  The owner an elderly man was clearing out the shop as his wife had recently died and he was heading south to live with his daughter.  I was excited to find that amongst his ‘Treasures’ there were 5 beautiful quartz crystals.  I bought all 5 at a ridiculously low price.  I headed out to my car with my new found friends and checked my datebook again for the 911 address of my party…only to find I was suppose to be in North Haverhill, NH, not North Umberland.  For those of you who do not know, there is a distance of almost 2 hours between North Haverhill and North Umberland.  I had gone completely in the wrong direction.  I honestly believe I was misdirected in my travels that day just so I could pick those crystals up.  I know that sounds strange, but I often contimplate how my life sounds a bit like a fantasy novel, so strange as it may sound it is my life.  Out of the 5 I still have 3 in my possession & one of them is getting ready to take another step on its personal journey….it is going to Hawaii to be used in protection work against the Nuclear waste of Fukishima.

My Druid friend Mr. Wolf spent his winter working in Hawaii.  While there he got involved in healing work that was being done for the Island.  He sent a request out to his friends asking for crystals to be sent to aid in this work.  I immediately volunteered to send one.  In my intentions to send one, I got busy….busy doing lots of stuff including organizing a couple of Water Blessing Ceremonies for the waters of the world.  I then decided that it would be a great idea to first bring the crystal to these ceremonies and absorb not only the waters of both Lake Willoughby & the Northern Atlantic Ocean, but also the prayers and blessing offered by the people who attended the ceremonies.  I wrote to my friend and told him I would be sending the Crystals after the blessings and he informed me he was home in Vermont already….my story doesn’t end there, for he knows who to send it to in Hawaii.

I hadn’t put much thought into the connection between Irene & Fukishima until last night when going to bed, the crystal called out to me.  It was clear that I needed to bring it to my room and place near my bed.  As soon as my head hit the pillow it was communicating with me….first bringing me deeply within its crystaline structure, the cracks and fissures reminding me of the animated light patterns you see when brain activity is animated.  Then it reminded me of where I had found it and how I had come to be in my possession.  It then showed me a picture of itself and made it clear that I was suppose to share this story with you folks, along with the picture.  For if thought really matters it doesn’t matter whether you have touched it you can still connect to it through the image and share your prayers.  So I ask you to share this photo and share love and blessings for the water…that with this crystal whose journey has taken it from Irene to Fukishima we can concentrate our will and aid in the healing of the waters.  This weekend it made it took part in the Water Ceremony @ the Atlantic Ocean and now it is off to begin its journey cross country and the Pacific Ocean to its new job as part of the healing & protection of Hawaii.

Let us never forget that the world is full of wonder.  Let us never assume that we are the only sentient beings seeking to heal our planet.  Let us remember we are all connected and let us spread love whenever and wherever we can.

spreading Love-salicrow

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