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WYRD-connected to Fate...

I have been between the worlds a lot lately, so much so that 'Future Sali' has become a regular term I use when describing who I've been talking to. I have always communicated with other versions of myself; whether it be different ages of this life or other incarnations of my soul. As a child, this act of communicating with other-selves was done while dreaming or sitting in front of a mirror. As a child, I didn't realize that the dark-haired witch I saw in the mirror (and in the kitchen) was me. She was always eerily familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it, as my child's mind had no way putting this into a category that made any sense. While I did realize that I sometimes dreamt about myself being other people, and I had an innate understanding that I had lived before, it was completely different to have these selves talking to me, so I made them 'other'!

Over the years this ability to communicate with my other selves has morphed and changed, and I have grown as a psychic and witch. I now know without a doubt that 'Future Sali' and 'Sally Ann' (my child self) are me, and like me, they have the ability to communicate with spirit and a deep understanding of the fact that time is not linear, but instead something that loops back over itself in an undulating pattern. Like the lemniscate (the infinity symbol) time is an eternal thing in which the future is past, and past is future and all of our being is happening at once and not!

I recently stepped into an intensive personal dedication in which I have chosen to do Sacred Singing/Toning every night for a month with a focus on personal activation. I didn't plan this out, instead, I was directed by 'Future Sali'. On Friday the 2nd of April I was watching a documentary (I love documentaries) at about 9 pm, Sali told me I needed to go upstairs to my studio and do some drumming and toning. As my husband was playing D&D online with his friends I had no pressing plans outside watching stuff, I gathered my stuff and headed upstairs.

I set up my space for comfort as well as sacred work, lighting candles and placing one of my crystal balls in front of me for viewing. In truth, I don't need the crystal ball, all I have to do is focus on my third eye and images will begin to reveal to me whatever it is I am searching for; having lived my entire life with an awareness of my psychic abilities, and being almost 50 years old, this is something I do second-nature.

VOCAL TONING is the steady elongation of sound, in which the voice is used to harmonize the cells of the body, bringing about a deep state of relaxation and often physical and emotional healing.

As I was just slipping into a deeper trance state 'Future Sali' spoke in my mind. "You need to go downstairs and get properly dressed for this ceremony". When things like this happen, I generally listen as I learned a long time ago that arguing with my guides (including other incarnations of me) is pointless and just makes everything take longer. After the November Incident I made a pledge to myself that my personal soul growth never had to be that hard again, and learned to trust my guides!

Want to know more about the November Incident? Check out my memoir 'Jump Girl, the initiation and art of a spirit speaker' -

Future Sali instructed me to wear the long leopard print house dress I had recently purchased at a thrift store and I was immediately reminded that in Egyptian Hieroglyphics anyone wearing leopard print was a high priest or high priestess as they were the only ones allowed to wear such garments. I was then instructed to put on the two magical jewelry pieces that had been made for me in the last couple of months. The amulet/talisman 'Ice' was crafted for me by my talented apprentice/wyrd weaver Alex Lozier. Ice, which is made of Saphire and Mongolian quartz was designed around the idea of cold water and recognizes my connection to the element of Water, particularly in the form of cold rivers and lakes. The second piece was using Sodalite, again recognizing my relationship to cold water (as well as maple syrup).

Check out these artist here-



With these items on I knew I was being asked to go deeply into my work. When I returned to my studio and began my work again I slipped into a deep trance state easily; as if the preparation time downstairs was a part of the ceremony, like warming the car up before driving it. I soon found myself standing in the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. I could smell, hear, and see as if I was there as well as feel the wind and sun on my skin. Looking at the pillars beside of me in their brightly colored hieroglyphs I knew I recognized that I was standing within 'Chazut' (my name in the life I spent in Egypt that I have full memory of). She/I was toning and I recognized that I was activating my energy body and aligning myself with my purpose; which is deeply connected to Earth Healing. I then jumped into a past incarnation of Salicrow and was standing inside Stone Hedge when I married the Earth during my Druid graduation. Again I had a full feeling, my senses alive as if I was truly in that moment. From there I began rapidly jumping into other sacred times and places that Salicrow had experienced in this life; Glastonbury Tor, the Giant's Causeway, Mount Shasta, Thor's Mound on the Snaefellness Penisula, Joshua Tree... In each of these moments, I was fully conscious and aware of my surroundings as if I was truly there again, and in each place, I jumped to I was doing something profoundly powerful at a Sacred Earth location.

When my toning came to an end, I knew I had only begun my personal activation as 'Future Sali' had told me I would need to do this every night for 30 days. Well, I have done this now for 9 nights and it has definitely been powerful. It has also been exhausting, and I have found myself feeling a bit like a school-skipper, or a kid in deep need of Spring break. I have managed to do the work I have to do, but all the steady work I need to do at regular intervals so I don't have to cram has been put aside over and over again until I find myself here at the point of needing to motivate 'Punk-Rock Sali's' lazy ass back into motion.

I'm sharing this with you so you can see that self-growth and spiritual work is work! It takes energy, and it often consumes our minds with the stories we are unraveling. Whether you are working on healing yourself or taking your consciousness to the next level of self, know that it's normal to be tired and that you may need to cut yourself a bit of slack. This is not a race, there is no buzzer that's going to go off if you don't move fast enough. Each of us grows at a rate that is suitable to our personalities, be kind to yourself! As for me, I am taking my own advice and moving at a pace that works for me at this moment, and while it may not be super-squirrel speed, that's ok!

spreading love-


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