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Under the influence of Words

 I began my adventures in Energy work with Magic & was part of a coven for 7 years in my 20’s.

Now that I have made many of you step outside your comfort zone by simply stating a few words, lets take a look at them shall we.  Magic is simply science that has not yet been figured out.  Now due to the bad rap of the word, it makes people uncomfortable.  Often the people who would be made uncomfortable are the same that would not blink an eye at the term Energy work.  Quantum physics has made acceptable the term Manifestion & its simple meaning of, ‘we influence events with our minds’.  That same concept has been known for thousands of years under the another term…Magic.   A Witch is a practioner of Magic, as well as a participant in a sacred relationship with the Divine in connection with the earth, moon & stars.

The title of this post sums up my thoughts after I was tagged in a facebook comment about doing energy work all day.  It got me thinking how much influence words have on us, our thoughts and our instant reactions.  If the same quaote would have been ‘doing magic all day’ it would not be as generally accepted.  Years ago I wrote a note on Kitchen Witchery, it talked about how we can do magic (manifestation work) while baking or cooking.  That note was well appreciated by people already on a magical path themselves, but in general it made most people over look it…either because they didn’t believe in magic or magic went against their beliefs.  Later when I renamed it Baking with Intention I had a lot of people telling me how much they appreciated it.  Again-Prayer, Manifestation, Spell work-it’s all the same.  Words hold power…learn to speak with intention and listen with clarity.

Spreading love-Salicrow

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