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Four is the number of Stability! As children, we soon learn to connect the number four with rectangles and squares; those solid, sturdy shapes that make up the building blocks of our reality. Tables, chairs, buildings, and monuments are most commonly created with four sides, or four points creating the base of the structure. Numerology is practical; designed to make sense, when we think of the numerological value of something we should always take some time to see how it plays out in our regular day-to-day reality. Doing so helps us create mental pathways that allow us to turn abstract things; such as signs and symbols, into something solid and predictable! Moments and events that resonate with the number four will naturally be more solid, stable, and practical!

The Four of Swords depicts a person lying on top of a flat surface; depicted both as a coffin and a couch. Either way, the Four of Swords speaks of a need to find stillness, to return to one's personal balance! As an action card it is important to notice that while three of the swords are placed away from the resting figure, one lies at their side, showing that they would be ready for action if need be. In this card, the number four is showing the need to recalibrate, come back to a place of balance, and meditate on the decisions that lie ahead. It can also be seen as a card that simply speaks up saying "You're exhausted, you need to rest, you cannot continue without recalibrating". While Swords are generally action cards, the Four of Swords is a card that suggests a pause from that action, a need for rest, and an understanding that growth and change require us to recalibrate and process before moving onward.

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration, generally depicted as four poles; decorated with festive greenery, being placed for a wedding or celebration. Often depicted as living trees, or with some kind of ornamentation showing they are alive or active (the Steampunk deck has cogs on the top of their poles), the Four of Wands is a card of fertile growth, abundant unions, and stable, planned development. While it is celebratory and joyful, it is so due to the planning, and balanced nature of the union. It is a positive card that can depict marriage or strong bonded relationships that are filled with fecundity. Here we see the number four as the promise of strong, structured growth and happiness.

Tarot cards are storytellers, each card has a tale to tell, and a good reader learns how to listen to the story being told. Understanding the nature of the Suits (my series on the suits starts here- ) and the numerology of the Tarot will help you piece together the story the card is telling. The Four of Cups is a reflective card that often shows the imbalance of focusing all of our minds on what we want to feel is missing while ignoring the other parts that lay at our disposal. In this card the four points are not equally balanced, instead, we see someone fraught with melancholy. When the Four of Cups shows up in a reading it is often asking you to change your perspective to notice what you have in front of you, and to bring that which you desire into balance with that which you already have! It shows a person whose mind is not in balance.

Pentacles being a suit of Earthly needs and financial status, the Four of Pentacles represents a need to be thoughtful with our finances. Often depicted with a person holding the pentacles in a tight embrace, it often shows up in readings when the querent (person being read) needs to be a bit more conservative with their spending, or when they need to be reserved in any dealing involving their livelihood or finances. It is important when reading cards to remember the other cards in the spread are also part of the story, which means sometimes the Four of Pentacles can be speaking of a need to hold onto every penny, while other times it can simply be advising you to be cautious with your finances, or the need to build a responsible relationship with money.

Regardless of the card, FOURS are never frivolous! They are balanced, thoughtful and often represent a time of planning and building in our lives. They are cautious, and love if you have a bunch of fours showing up for you, remember this is a time to think deeply on your next moves, to evaluate your relationship with structure, and to make plans!

Thanks for reading along folks! I hope you are gaining insight, and learning to love the Tarot a bit more...

THE STABILITY OF FOUR is part 4 of an 11 part series. You can find my other Tarot Series: my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, and my 4 part series on the COURT OF THE TAROT by following this link-

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