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Having completed our exploration of the Major Arcana we are now ready to step onto the supportive path of the minor arcana, beginning with our exploration of the Tarot Suits. Like the major arcana, each minor arcana card has its own meaning, however, where the major arcana holds deep energetic resonance; usually showing outside influence and situations harder to avoid, the minor arcana often represents things that are easier to change, and are divided into four suits that to me have always felt like family units. Divided equally, each suit has fourteen cards; ten numbered cards, and four court cards, each carrying its own unique attributes designed to help us to glean messages from our higher self more clearly through triggering our psychic mind.

22 part blog series on the Major Arcana-

The suits are commonly known as Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords, yet there are many interpretations of such. The suit of Pentacles that we will be discussing today is also known by the name of coins, discs, and shields.

Pentacles are the most earthly of the suits dealing with physical matters such as our health, wealth, home, and career. While each of the cards has a unique meaning; which we will cover later this year when I move onto court cards, and numerology in the tarot, the suit themselves hold a presence that is notable if there are many cards from the same suit in a reading. Readings holding many pentacles are clearly advising us to pay attention to our physical world!

A good way to get a general feeling for the flavor of the reading is to observe the cards as a whole, looking for noticeable patterns; such as having a lot of major arcana, or a lot of a particular suit, or number. By first observing the cards as a whole we can get a good idea of what is being presented in the spread.

As a spirit speaker (medium) I have a unique way of working with the suit of Pentacles that you may find helpful. When Pentacles present themselves upside down or 'reversed' to me, I often see them as representing the world of spirit. While 'Tarot reversals' are a whole other subject that we will cover later in the year, the reversal of the suit of Pentacles allows for a view into the realm of spirit that I find particularly helpful, as I often see people who are experiencing the unseen world. If you or someone you are doing a reading for is exploring spirit guides, mediumship, or simply mourning a lost loved one try interpreting your reversed Pentacles through the lens of the world of spirit.

I began with the suit of Pentacles as they are the most solid, structured suit. When using them in self-exploration we will find ourselves being directed to put our affairs in order, to dedicate ourselves to the work of making a life for ourselves. Whether starting a family, developing a career, or looking into our health Pentacles have a lot to offer.

In the following three weeks I will cover each of the suits in turn, before stepping into the exploration of court cards (king, queen, knight, and page), and finally onto numerology in the tarot. Psychic ability is much like art, we all are capable of it to some degree, but just like art some are born with more natural talent, and skill goes a long way. It is my hope that you will develop a better understanding of the Tarot through these teachings, that you may glean insight into your life and that of others, for the Tarot is ultimately a tool of Wisdom!

spreading love-salicrow

PENTACLES, COINS, DISKS & SHIELDS is part of a 4 part series that you can find here on my blog, along with my 22 part series on the Major Arcana-


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