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The Magician's Tools

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Magician is card 1. of the Major Arcana, where the Fool (card O.) exists in the betwixt and between of beginnings and endings, The Magician holds the tools for us to proceed on the journey of self-discovery. Whether you are using the cards in divination or as a meditative tool for personal growth The Magician shows us the implements and skills we possess to aid us in our work. Looking at The Magician we see his confidence and dedication. Where the Fool gave us the courage and faith to begin our journey without much knowledge of the road ahead, the Magician is a skilled manipulator who knows the path will be filled with obstacles and opportunities and therefore does a bit of planning to make the process easier.

In my personal life, I resonate with The Magician. While I am definitely faithful enough to walk off the cliff believing the universe has my back, I do prefer a plan!

When looking at the symbolism of The Magician card we see he has implements of each of the four Minor Arcana suits (pentacles, cups, wands, and swords) on the table before him. His hands are often stretched out before him with one hand facing the sky and the other facing the Earth, mimicking the old saying "As Above, So Below!" He is obviously in the act of performing a magical act, a sacred activated prayer in which he is standing before the powers-that-be saying "I am worthy of this venture, and I call upon my tools to help make it so".

One of the things I love best about The Magician is his connection with infinity. The lemniscate (infinity symbol) represents his ability to move between timelines, looking into the past and future for answers as well as the present. He exists not only in his current incarnation but traverses his reality through multiple lifetimes and dimensions with an awareness that his answers may not come from this moment alone. This is an important lesson when using the Tarot for divination, as we must let go of our belief that the future is unknown or that the past is behind us to truly see, for in truth life is a woven thing of memories, dreams, and active moments. When we begin to see this we like The Magician are ready to take our place at the altar of life as co-creators.

With the concept of co-creation in mind, I often relate The Magician to quantum physics and the belief that what we believe we create. Now that can seem like a glossy, glitter-coated statement, but what it really means is that with work and effort and a strong intentional mindset we can accomplish our goals. Real magic is not waving a magic wand over something and saying 'Bibbity, Boppity, Boo' and all your problems are gone, real magic is work, dedication, and knowing how to use your tools. It also requires that like The Fool; who requires us to believe in ourselves, The Magician requires we hold a belief that you are capable of the work ahead.

If The Magician is showing up for you in your readings it is most likely that you are being asked to gather your tools, get serious about the goals in front of you, and see yourself as the bridge between heaven and earth who is here to make manifest your dreams. Note that The Magician is where we set our intentions and call upon our gods and ancestors to support us. It is the intentional beginning of our journey, where we intuitively stepped onto the path as The Fool, The Magician is where we begin the creation of our map. Stand in your power, recognize it, and see yourself as the co-creator you are! The work ahead of you may be hard, but you have the tools and the inner power, step forward as a co-creator and get to work!

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