Spring is coming...

For the last two nights, the water I have put out under the moon has not frozen. On my way to town at dusk yesterday I watched a deer tentatively cross the snow and sat alongside the roadside as they joined another in the leafless branches and bramble. A small songbird flew over my head as I got from my car at the grocery store parking lot, and this morning the fog is as thick as pea soup on top of my little mountaintop.

Spring is Coming!

I feel so fortunate to live in a place where the seasons change, offering me the same opportunity to morph and grow as I move through the year. As the snow melts (it will take a while up here on the mountain) and the light returns more and more each day, I feel the anticipation of projects waiting to be birthed; gardens to go in, paths to be cleared, statues from Bali to find their proper place in the Poplar grove, and pieces of my self that want to be shed free, like so many layers of clothes.

We are all connected to our planet and innately sense the shifting of her movement through the galaxy. We respond to the weather, the light, and the life that sprouts up from the land beneath us. When we recognize this flow and choose to move with it life gets a bit easier. We are no longer denying the urge to nestle down when the winter snow settles upon the landscape, or the desire to create and expand when the hours of sunlight grow long and bits of green begin to bud on the trees.

In Vermont, we are just at the cusp of Sugar season, that sweet time of pre-spring when it's warm enough to truly enjoy the snow. I get so excited this time of year as I notice the tips of the maples in my yard begin to glow with a warm red light as they begin to wake from their winter slumber. I do not sugar myself, but am fortunate enough to know those who do. As maple syrup (and maple trees) are some of my favorite things I celebrate their waking, by speaking to the trees in my yard as I pass by telling them how lovely they are looking and how thankful I am to see them waking.

I live in a deep relationship with the world around me, one where I recognize the consciousness of other beings; such as trees, animals, rocks, rivers, and elemental spirits. I speak to my ancestors and guiding spirits constantly, and I notice that the earth is waking energetically this year more significantly than it has in the past. Nature spirits (Brownies in particular) that usually stay deep in the woods until closer to Beltaine (May 1st) are in my house, poking fun at my cat, knocking over chocolate syrup containers in the refrigerator door, and pretty much causing harmless mischief of one kind or another. Spirits of the Dead that I can usually ignore, are as noticeable as they are at Samhain/Halloween; startling me in the grocery store, their forms so solid I thought they were alive fo