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Spiritual Support System

My consciousness is old! I came into the world with many of my memories intact and a view of reality that was far beyond what people would expect a child to be experiencing. While this aided my ability to understand the world around me; or at least to categorize events and situations, it did not mean I was enlightened! Like all kids, I had to learn that just because I could clearly see something didn't mean I had a right to point it out, for as wise as my observations were no one really wants a child telling them how their life would be easier if they just stopped doing 'this' or if they did more of 'that'. I imagine that I was a bit difficult to raise!

I was fortunate that both my grandmother (Grammy Brown) and my sister Sandy saw the world in a similar fashion. Like me they were able to see beyond the veil, to perceive what existed in the unseen world of spirit. As a child having this support allowed me to hone my gifts, knowing that while what I was experiencing may not be perceived by all, it was indeed real! Over the years I found my way to others who shared my understanding of the otherworld and was again able to go further into my own seeking, through the teaching, support, and experiences they shared. Like the foundation lines woven a spider web every seeker, seer, and healer who entered my life helped weave the Web of Wyrd that was my reality. Making it easier for me to understand and navigate.

Wyrd-Connected to Fate

When we are actively expanding our consciousness it is not uncommon to find that the normal circle of friends and family we surround ourselves with simply does not understand us! This does not mean we need to end these relationships (unless they are abusive in some way), but it does mean we may need to expand our circle a bit to allow room for new ideas, concepts and people. In a time when the world is pretty much shut down you may believe that to be a difficult task, but in truth the world has been made smaller by our experience of seclusion. We are now using technology for communication more then ever, allowing us to expand our circles to include people across the country and in other nations.

Magical circles and sacred friendships created with others who 'see' the unseen world help us feel normal when our consciousness is expanding and our world is wobbly. Making connections with people who may have experienced the same wyrd phenomenon we have helps us build a foundation; allowing us to experience a feeling of 'normal' in a wyrd world. This brings us peace and a allows us to sketch a rough roadmap to what is possible. While we may not have identical experiences the workings of the unseen world does have rules, there is a common ground in the world of spirit, and we can get use to it. But exploring the unknown can be scary and having companions and a half scribbled down map will come in handy.

Finding Wyrd community helps us expand fully into our consciousness. Knowing that we are not the only ones having the strange experience of reality keeps us from panicking and thinking we are crazy. Community is not limited to the folks we live near, it comes in all forms. They are the people who help make life worth celebrating, and they can be in our lives whether they live five minutes away or across the world. They can come through online social-media and chat groups, book clubs and trainings, they can be people who you have never met in person. We live in a shifting reality where time and space are not as limited as they once were. We are growing and connecting through the interweb and the wyrd-web!

My hope for you is that you find your tribe, that you connect to the other 'Wyrdos' who get you, and that your journey into expanded consciousness be one of joy and discovery!

spreading love-


PS-If your looking for spiritual community you may want to check out my private Facebook group the Wisdom Keepers.

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