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We all come into life with a guide on board in the spirit-world. Many of these guides are relatives who died close to the time of our birth, or family and friends close to us when we were babies, or to our parents. The guide joined us in many ways to help keep us on track with the items we placed on our life agenda before birth. It is my belief that we create an outline before coming into each incarnation in which lessons, we have chosen to experience appear at planned times in our life. These events appear to psychic readers as karmic events in the person’s life.

Ancestral spirit guides are the spirits connected to us through blood or other lifetimes. They are often connected to more than one person in the same family/soul group and work with us on bigger spiritual endeavors, such as healing family wounds or breaking ancestral curses (destructive patterns and behaviors, such as addiction and abuse). Such guides are older souls with more wisdom. While they are not walking with us through every job interview and emotionally charged moment of our life, they are with us in our darkest hours and our greatest moments of growth, particularly when such things are in alignment with the healing of family wounds. These guides often hold another important role in the family, the role of matriarch/patriarch; the family ancestor who gathers the dead, attending the greeting of all family members as they cross into spirit. While a spirit may often comment on being greeted by their husband, wife, or child, it is common that along with one’s life partner, they are met by a mother, grandmother, or father who was known to be the glue that held the family together in their lifetime.

People who are working on expanding their spiritual consciousness will often find themselves with other guides in addition to the ones connected to their families. These others are generally connected to us through past/parallel lives and come into our lives when we are ready to open our minds to a broader view of reality. This is happening for many as we move from 3D reality into 5D reality, coming online to an awareness of all that we are and all we have been and are. Through contact with these teaching guides, we learn much about our other incarnations and through such often find healing for wounds and fears we could never explain. Understanding that we are souls experiencing physical reality through the lens of multiple lifetimes is the goal of contact with such guides.

There are some who go through their lives without ever having an awareness of the guides watching over them, but the belief in spirit guides is one of the most acceptable forms of spirit connection there is. Regardless of religious doctrine, many of us attest to sensing or knowing that we have some form of spiritual guardian watching over us. Mediums are often aware of the presence of a person’s spirit guide shortly after the child is born and separated from the mother’s body. In some cases, this guide can be detected while the child is still in utero. This is more likely to happen if the spirit coming in has a significant purpose of attaining in life or is spiritually gifted; such was my case, as Grammy Brown was aware that I would be a medium while my mother was pregnant with me, through communication with one of my guides Peter. With this knowledge, she began preparing me for my role as a medium while II was a preschooler. We all have spirit guides, each and every one of us, and some of us have multiple. It is not uncommon to have a guide step into our consciousness to work with us through particular life events, lending their strength and expertise as support.

-From, SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide To Death & Dying

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