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Happy Holidays, Folks-

As a lover of Winter and all things festive, I am a big fan of the holiday season; celebrating the return of light, both literally and figuratively! In fact I like to tell people I am part Christmas Elf on my mothers side of the family (see picture below for proof). I love snow, sparkly lights, maple syrup, and candycanes, and I love the spirit of giving!

The Winter Solstice takes place on December 21st this year, (summer soltice for those of you south of the equator), and it is a time of reflection and celebration; as we acknowledge are many blessings. As the day of shortest light, it has been celebrated for thousands of years; with various holy-days (holidays) from many cultures. But at the heart of them all is a thankfulness for the returning light (literally & metaphorically), in which we gain hope and share with those we love. It is a time to refuel our souls and nourish our hearts. It is also a time in which the great divide of haves & have nots can feel overwhelming, as our modern society pushes us to buy, buy, buy!

Many years ago, my family took the consumerism out of our holidays! We chose to see the value in repurposed, and used things as gifts; allowing ourselves to feel a sense of freedom at the holidays that many do not. Partially this came out of a strong environmental leaning, and paritally from realizing we could share and give with one another without breaking the bank! Now throughout the year, I seek out treasure of one kind or another, that will make it to those I love. Sometimes these things come directly from my own home; things given to me that didn't really match my asthetic, or things I no longer feel the need to own, as well as spiritual items I feel the need to pass onto others. It's true I do buy things; mostly for my grandkids, but even then I really put my focus on what they need; often giving gifts of experiences instead of things.

WE ALL HAVE TOO MANY THINGS...our closets, and shelves, are overflowing, often with things we will never use again, or things we have been given that really serve no purpose in our lives. Whether we gift them to those we love, or donate them to agencies in our area that provide for those in need, the feeling that comes from giving is truly the best, and when we are doing so without spending a dime...well that's truly delightful!


Regardless of whether we have physical things to give, we are living in a time in which simple kindness is a rare commodity. We need to remember that we are the CHANGE MAKERS! How we act directly affects those we encounter! Taking a few moments to have a conversation with an elderly neighbor in the grocery store, or offering to babysit for a few hours while the single parent you know does their shopping, dressing festive to brighten the community, and taking the time for friendship are beautiful offerings of Joy, and Love in this season of darkness.

Remember, our burdens seem lighter when we share with others. We are not alone in the world, but sometimes we need to look for the helpers (Most towns have community centers, that offer not only services but an oppertunity to connect with others). You are special, and fabulous in your own right, and as it always does...The Light will return!

spreading love-salicrow

A Gift from my Sisters & I to You...

New Year’s Day with The Crows

An Intentional Retreat

Monday, January 1st, 10am-4pm

The Pearl, 301 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819


The beginning of the year is a sacred time when the world seems fresh with possibility! Join The Crow Sisters for a day off journeywork, sharing circles, and creative play as we start the year of with a focus on community and the power of intention. In the spirit of giving, we have made this a BY DONATION event, so that those who have more can share more. Space is limited, so claim your spot today!

PLEASE BRING- Your own lunch & water bottle, crafty bits that can fit in a basket, WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS OR COMFY CLOTHING, a lap blanket or shawl, a drum or rattle if you have them, your journal & a pen, and a tasty treat to share with others, and whatever monetary donation you can afford. COFFEE & TEA will be provided.

We do hope you will join us!

Spreading magic and building community-

The Crow Sisters

DON'T FORGET... V & I will be out of the office for the holidays!

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