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Solstice Meadow

Druids believe strongly in the Spirit of Place, it is the nature or essence of a particular plot of land.  In working with the Spirit of Place we can better serve the land we live on, by connecting and listening to what the land intends for itself instead of only being driven by our own wants and desires.  Sometimes the things we think we want do not truly mesh with what is best for the land itself.  The sacred relationship between the Spirit of Place and the Stewards of the land (people residing there) is one of give and take, honoring and joy.

Last year while on my pilgramage of sacred sites in England & Whales I was inspired by how everywhere you went people had named their homes…whether it was a great manor house or a small cottage did not matter.  People had given names to their homes.  This was not my first encounter with named land, but it was definately the most prolific example I had ever seen.  I came home from my journey knowing that I wanted to name my property, my home.  I talked it over with my husband and children and began to brainstorm, but nothing seemed to click.  I found peices and parts I liked but nothing to say yes…this is the name of the Spirit that resides here.  Finally a year later it came together…It is a common phenomenon in the pagan world for things of importance to take a year and a day to solitify.

At our 15th annual Summer Solstice celebration last weekend we officially named our property “Solstice Meadow”.  The name had come into solid form at the beginning of June while my husband and I were sitting in our sacred circle looking at all the work that had been done on the land thanks to my gypsy gardeners (my Mum &  Earl).  The decision on Solstice Meadow was instanious, and fitting as our land had held 13 of the summer solstice celebrations our community had enjoyed.  The Solstice party was always a direct charge for the land, with family and friends playing games, dressing in costume and celebrating the abundance of life we enjoy.  After the party each year I would always sit and savor the energy of the property and the feeling of being filled up that it held.

This year I prepared for the Solstice party, I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting ready for more…as it was to be the Naming day of the land I love so much.  With the help of my gypsy gardeners an arbor was built for the entrence of the sacred circle, the land was tidied up & the alter got extra attention.  From the time of the actual Solstice on the 20th until the day of the party on the 23rd I was working with the energy of the Solstice and the Spirit of the land.  The party was fabulous as always with many loved one and dear friends, great costumes, games and merriment.  As the sun began to set we headed to the circle and the Phoenix fire statue was lit (much thanks to the maker of said Phoenix Marcus & Ethan).  I have to say the Phoenix was awesome even if it was  a wee more fire then I was expecting.  On lighting the fire our naming ceremony began with an explanation of the Spirit of Place and and invitation for all present to offer a blessing to the land as a goblet of blueberry mead was passed around.  Then individual prayers were placed with ribbons upon the apple tree that resides just to the East of the Alter.  (A Cloutie tree or A wish tree is an individual tree, usually distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings).   As the Solstice energy starts to wane and ever move forward on the Wheel of the Year I enjoy my evolving relationship with Solstice Meadow.

spreading love-Salicrow

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